Sir Patrick Tristram Bijou is known for his role in the United Nations as a UN Ambassador for World Peace and a Senior Redemption Judge for the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Courts. He is also a fund manager, and dynamic investment banker as well. Although he is respected as a philanthropist and an entrepreneur, his skill set is not limited.

Sir Patrick, being a talented author has mesmerized people of all age groups with his fiction and non-fiction publications. His authorship has earned him fame because his writing is not limited to a specific genre or a theme. From adventurous, thrilling, romantic, criminal, and dramatic theme fictional novels to the treasure chest of knowledge for investors in the industry, he has published something for everyone spread through over 21 already published titles.

He is an expert in creating characters that readers could identify and indulge with. He invokes an emotional bond with the characters that is captivating from the beginning and hard to stop reading once you start.

One of his many fictional publications, “Undercover” revolves around chasing and hunting down a drug cartel in Miami. Unlike other similar publications in this genre, Undercover is the story of a young, newbie detective in the Miami Police who is in love with a fellow cop. The most interesting yet controversial part of this novel is that she becomes a courtesan just to put an end to the drug cartel. The thrill keeps you on the very edge as her adventure unfolds into many twists and turns. It is a must-read for people who love crime, drama, action, and thrill.

On the other hand, Sir Patrick has written fantasy fiction novels as well and one of his best works is Model for Murder. In Model for Murder, you follow the fascinating story of Candace Kane with a gripping murder plot that keeps you on the edge with every single turn. The story revolves around a girl named Candace Kane with extraordinary powers or as we could call her an Empath. Unlike any other power, she doesn’t know how to use it, she has these visions. She can see the events and feel the emotions that aren’t hers at all. With these visions, she feels another person’s pain and sorrow. Although she is not particularly eager to touch the stranger that triggers those visions. She accidentally touches the necklace of the man floating in the water. That cursed necklace shows her the man’s final moments, his final breath while he was being brutally murdered. The sheriff thinks that it was an accident, but Candice knew it was not. Now she is on her way to help the sheriff without revealing her powers as it could get her in trouble. It is a good read and if you’re a fan of crime and fantasy, you should add it to your to-read list.

Now as you are aware of his ability to intrigue curious minds, his brilliance and personal experience as an entrepreneur can be seen in his non-fictional publications. One of his extraordinary non-fiction works is “Guide to Private Placement Project Funding Trade Programs: Understanding High-Level Project Funding Trade Programs”. This book focusing on revealing the secret that not many people would know; understanding the financial construction that allows you to earn profits much more than the banks’ ability to pay. The book focuses on highlighting the issue that how the Internet is filled with deceivers, frauds, and thieves and how it spreads false information which results in many potential investors getting scammed. Luckily, persistence and solid relationships with over 35 years in banking have found the author a winning formula and panacea for the secret to legitimate trading programs dispelling the myths of its existence. If you’re intrigued by such informative reading or looking forward to building a career in the industry then this should be a book that you must read as soon as possible.

He has published many books that can help anyone from beginners to experts in the industry. His credibility as an author cannot be expressed in just words, he has changed many dynamics of the industry with his publications and he continues to do so. You can check out all of his books at and find your next read, or find them in the mainstream online book stores including Amazon!

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