Silencil is a tinnitus relief supplement that improves brain health and reduces inflammation as a way to alleviate ringing in the ears, regardless of the apparent cause. The natural ringing in the ears relief formula is used each day to make a difference depending on the levels of neuro-inflammation you are experiencing, as most people can see a change within a few weeks of use due to the high-profile ingredient line up covered below.

Made available only at the official website, the Silencil tinnitus pills are at the center of attention for those dealing with the troubling side effects of constant hissing, whooshing, buzzing and ringing in the ears. While tinnitus suffers may experience these concerning experiences, whether it be caused by the ears, head or neck, the Silencil supplement is to be combined with a secret military method that helps clear out the ear ringing once and for all to help users regain silence and peace of mind once again by restoring hearing naturally. After being used by over 122,000 men and women of all ages, there is a lot of research that needs to be had before making a proper educated and informed decision on whether or not Silencil anti-tinnitus solution is right for you.

It is time to review Silencil tinnitus relief supplement to see what the ingredients are, how it works, and why Henry Sanders put together this unique formula and secret military method that is clinically proven to work on anyone, young or old, male or female.

What is Silencil?

The old saying is silence is golden. Yet everyone has a sound that makes them feel tense and stressed. For some people, hearing the effect of fingernails going down a classic chalkboard is enough. For others, it is the rampant and impatient buzzing of an old alarm clock that gets their heart rate up. However, there’s one sound that seems to make people even more frustrated because it is literally all in their head – ringing ears.

Some people experience ringing ears after being exposed to loud noises, while others have physical damage to their ears that seem like the cause. However, the creator at Silencil, Henry Sanders, states that the reason for these issues isn’t actually in the ear canal at all, but in the brain. Their formula focuses on dealing with the inflammation in a certain part of the brain, which causes the constant sound of ringing that feels like it is in the ears.

Having non stop ringing is enough to make anyone feel like they are quickly going insane but healing the brain may help. While consumers with physical damage to their ear or any part of it may need to speak with a specialist, Silencil still acts as a helpful remedy for users without apparent damage.

Silencil Ingredients: What’s Inside?

Silencil is made up of an impressive 28 ingredients that contain a variety of high profile, potent and powerful plant-based extracts full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

But the two primary keys to the Silencil anti-tinnitus formula are specific species of skullcap and hawthorn that are known to help support the good riddance of ringing, hushing and buzzing inside your ears. But how does these two prominent tinnitus reliving ingredients work against these horrible phantom sounds? It helps to know that the real root cause of tinnitus is actually due to inflammation in certain parts of the brain according to University of Arizona researchers.

Skullcap is often a remedy that is used for individuals with difficulty sleeping regularly, though it also helps reduce the risk of anxiety and strokes because of the related effect. It helps consumers improve their mood by simulating a neurotransmitter called GABA, which is directly associated with the calming of nerves. Though skullcap previously could cause liver issues as the result of contamination with germander, these issues have since been resolved. There is still a risk of mental confusion, unexplained dizziness, and other side effects if the dose is too strong.

Hawthorn is an antioxidant-rich formula that primarily focuses on reducing inflammation in the body, making it an ideal ingredient for Silencil’s purpose. Though many benefits have not definitively been proven by studies, hawthorn berry has been linked to improvements in digestion, reduced hair loss, soothing anxiety, and even reducing blood pressure. Users that consume too much hawthorn berry directly can experience nausea, sweating, nosebleeds, and other digestive issues, but it is unclear if the same effects can come from a supplement.

The official Silencil tinnitus relief supplement website extensively dives into different benefits that this remedy has, including listing the other ingredients like oat straw, mucuna pruriens, rhodiola, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and potassium too. Then, Henry Sanders and Dr. Thomas Peterson included the high profile super nutrients GABA, ashwagandha and chamomile too. The main focus is on the first two Silencil ingredients, as these two species of plants are meant to improve mental acuity, reduce inflammation, and even help the individual to protect themselves against memory loss. Because the brain becomes inflamed and results in your brain’s nerve cells to essentially over vibrate, the buzzing, roaring, hissing and whooshing sounds amp up in volume and cause dysfunction between the five central nervous system networks that communicate in the brain.

That is where the Silencil supplement really excels at reducing brain inflammation to result in a natural tinnitus relief to cause the ringing in the ears to dissipate. Between the studied link between brain inflammation and the build up of junk proteins that can result in dementia, according to Dr. Thomas Peterson, Silencil looks to use these natural herbal remedies to lower the brain’s inflammation levels and start enhancing cognitive performance and mental superpowers.

How to Buy Silencil

Only found online right now direct from the original source, users will have their choice of three different packages. Each one varies in the number of bottles it contains, but that’s an advantage for new customers. Though the single bottle is $69, ordering the three-bottle package for $177 ($59 each) or the six-bottle package for $294 ($49 each) will save more money.

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Though users may be apprehensive about ordering more of this formula at once, the company offers a return policy for the first 60 days after the purchase to get a refund. Plus, all of the packages come with free shipping, so users won’t have to lose out on their investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silencil

Silencil may be described as a super-cocktail for the brain, but there are still many questions and even concerns that need to be properly addressed first. Between knowing how to take the anti-tinnitus solution to knowing why the Silencil pills work, here are the most important inquiries pertaining to the natural ringing in the ears relief formula:

How does Silencil work?

Silencil focuses on the inflammation in the brain – rather than problems in the ear and ear canal – as a way to relieve tinnitus. The creators state that brain disease can be the cause of inflammation and that the onset of tinnitus is a sign of a greater problem. With their nutrients, the inflammation should cease and give the user clear hearing. The doctor-formulated Silencil is also sad to help support a healthier heart along with enhanced energy levels, memory and focus too.

Is Silencil safe to take with other supplements or allergy medicine?

Yes. This formula can be used with many medical conditions and other supplements. However, consumers that are concerned about their illness may want to speak with a medical professional. Consumers should be happy to know that Silencil supplement is also formulated in an FDA-approved and inspected facility that adheres to cGMP standards. There are also no reported Silencil side effects as the supplement is sourced with non-GMO ingredients on all 28 plant-based superfood extracts and nutrients.

If Silencil is so effective, why hasn’t it been more publicized?

The creators state that their online video for Silencil has now been posted online twice, and many people in Big Pharma do not want these opportunities made public.

Who will Silencil work best for?

The formula is designed to support the healing from tinnitus in individuals between 20 and 80 years old. Since it greatly benefits brain health, it can also help individuals with early signs of memory loss. It won’t necessarily cure their memory problems, but it can give the brain much-needed support.

How long will it take users to see changes in their condition?

As soon as the supplement is taken, it starts to work. Users will notice gradual changes at first, but the conflict with tinnitus should be resolved in a matter of a few weeks. There are other Silencil reviews worthy of reading for more direct information in this regard.

What if this formula isn’t the solution that the customer needs?

Every purchase is covered by a two-month return policy.

If users want to learn more, they can reach out to the customer service team by sending an email to

Is Silencil a Scam or Legit Tinnitus Supplement Formula?

One of the most honest, direct and sincere questions surrounding Silencil supplement is in regards to its actual legitimacy. While this question is two fold, in that one can be in regards to its actual effectiveness at reliving ringing in the ear sounds, the other is about the authenticity and transparency of Henry Sanders, Dr. Peter Thompson and the Silencil brand. The first one is a bit more tricky and will likely come down to a per-user basis given the fact that everyone responds differently to all natural herbal extracts and plant-based ingredients. There is a strong trail of clues that, if you are on the fence in regards to whether or not Silencil will work for you, that one should ultimately give this tinnitus relief solution a shot considering there is a rock-solid 2-month refund policy and money back guarantee 60-days after the original purchase date. Which leads into the legitimacy of the Silencil company, which seems to have all of its ducks in a row in regards to customer support, bulk discount pricing, risk-free returns and a forward-facing presentation that is very compelling, entertaining and even educational.

The best way to avoid getting scammed by Silencil is to make sure customers buy directly from the official website only. Right now, any Silencil Amazon listing should be considered a fake and not the original, authentic Silencil pills. By ordering directly from the website, users not only ensure they get the real supplement ingredients, but have the protection of getting a refund should Silencil not work for you.

Final Verdict

Silencil ensures that consumers can purge toxins and alleviate inflammation in a way that is safe for the brain and the ringing sound. Tinnitus can be a tricky condition to treat, but the only thing that users need to do is take the daily capsules. Stocking up may save the user money on the order in the long run, but the 60-day return policy ensures that users will not have to pay if their tinnitus remains. This isn’t a medication, and the creators have developed the remedy from natural ingredients.

The 28 ingredients found in Silencil all have a purpose in lowering brain inflammation, which is found to be the root cause of the dreaded ringing, hissing and buzzing sounds in the ear. Currently there is a great special for consumers looking at a great deal and have high hopes of using a natural solution versus going down a path of expensive checkups and processes this daunting condition brings forward. To get Silencil tinnitus relief supplement for a discounted price online, visit today and know you are getting a unique, one of a kind natural solution towards alleviating the ringing in the ears that contains superior brain nutrients that will help users regain silence once and for all.

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