Show Your Lungs Some Love With CBD — The Effects Of CBD Oil On Asthma

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Health authorities now estimate that 300 million people worldwide have asthma. Unfortunately, it’s expected the total number of asthma patients will increase in the ensuing years. Although various medications like steroids can help people manage their symptoms, a growing number of patients are curious about all-natural remedies for asthma.

Interestingly, CBD has become a popular topic of conversation in the global asthma community. Many asthma patients have already started incorporating CBD oils, tinctures, and gummies into their lives with impressive results. But does the latest science support these spectacular testimonials?

How Does CBD Oil Work For Asthma?

We don’t have any clinical trials exploring CBD oil’s effect on asthma. However, some preliminary rat trials suggest CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects positively affect pulmonary health. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say if scientists can replicate these findings in humans.

While we can’t say if CBD specifically helps address asthma issues, there’s little doubt this cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Many researchers believe these positive traits should transfer to patients struggling with asthma.

It’s also crucial to mention CBD’s anti-anxiety effects on patients with social anxiety disorder. While social anxiety and asthma may not appear to have a lot in common, plenty of recent research shows that emotional stress exacerbates asthma attacks. So, if CBD oil helps lessen overall anxiety, it should reduce the severity and frequency of asthma fits.

Again, we don’t have data that proves any of these hypotheses. However, considering all of the positive anecdotal testimonies, there’s probably a correlation between CBD and asthma.

How Should Asthma Patients Take CBD Oil?

Most asthma patients prefer using CBD oils or gummies to help manage their symptoms. Understandably, smokable CBD flowers and vape carts are counterproductive for those who want to soothe a lung condition.

There’s no set amount of CBD for asthma-related concerns, and every patient will probably have a unique “ideal dosage” for this cannabinoid. It’s always best for asthma patients to start with a low dosage of CBD and gradually work their way up every day. Once they find a CBD level that suits their preferences, they should write it down in a journal for future reference.

It’s also worth mentioning some companies are now offering CBD inhalers specifically for asthma. Manufacturers say these devices deliver CBD powder directly to the lungs for rapid relief from coughing symptoms. However, it’s unclear whether CBD inhalers work any better than standard oils, tinctures, or edibles.

So, Should Asthma Patients Take CBD Oil?

There’s no question more asthma patients are trying CBD oil, but is that the right move? Honestly, only your doctor can make that decision for you. It’s highly recommended that people living with asthma visit their physician before testing any CBD-related product. Only a medical authority will know how to safely add CBD to an asthma treatment regimen.

Also, please remember that CBD can influence the absorption of prescription medications. Therefore, if you’re already taking prescriptions for asthma, you must talk with your doctor before trying CBD oil. Taking too much CBD at the wrong time could have severe consequences.

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