Should You Mix Caffeine With THC?

A cup of coffee is a lot of people’s go-to in the mornings. However, for some people it’s Marijuana that wakes them up. But, have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed caffeine with THC? You’d be surprised how common this is and how both chemicals tend to synergize. Here’s what you need to know about mixing caffeine with THC.

What Happens When You Mix THC and Caffeine?

Although there are not a lot of studies that have been conducted on humans; we do know what happens when animals are given THC and caffeine. We can conclude that humans can have a similar experience based on these studies.


The reason why a lot of people gravitate to their morning cup of coffee is because of the high caffeine content. Although other products like tea, soda, and energy drinks also have caffeine, coffee is by far the most popular. However, the high amounts of caffeine levels tends to cause anxiety in some people. So, it makes sense that some coffee drinkers would try to balance out the caffeine with CBD or THC.


The Cannabis world is ever growing and you’ll discover that there are a lot more variations of THC. Aside from traditional Marijuana, there is now Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THC-O, THCP, and the list goes on. So, you’ll discover that some versions of THC are more potent than others. When you mix THC with another chemical like caffeine they tend to synergize and produce a whole different experience altogether.

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Caffeine + THC

There was a study conducted in 2014 on the effects of Marijuana and caffeine on squirrel monkeys. Those conducting the study gave different amounts of MSX-3 (produces similar effects as caffeine) and THC. It was concluded that low doses of caffeine may increase the high from THC. Also, that high doses of caffeine could possibly bring your high down, which can result in needing to use more Marijuana.

Although this specific test that was published on the National Library of Medicine (NIH) website was conducted on animals; we can see how it can possibly affect humans. This is because all mammals have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which helps regulate certain functions in our bodies. The THC binds our receptors which results in that high feeling we get from THC. 

Mixing Coffee with THC

Now that you understand a little bit about what can possibly happen if you mix both CBD and Caffeine; here are some cool tips on how to mix the 2 together:

Flavors Matter

When pairing THC with caffeine you’ll want to consider the flavors. Trying to find similar flavor profiles is the key when deciding how to mix your drink with THC. A good product to pair with your morning coffee are THC Tinctures, because they are very concentrated and usually come flavored. Also, consider the type of coffee flavor you want to use.

THC Tincture

The best possible way to pair coffee with THC is through THC Tinctures. These are concentrated oil that can easily be added to either coffee or tea. Also, the flavors in tinctures are typically subtle so it doesn’t tend to overpower the taste of the coffee. However, you’ll want to proceed with caution since they do tend to be highly concentrated. 

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The Type of Coffee

This comes down to your personal preference, but usually either a light roast or a medium roast is ideal. Since most THC products tend to have an Earthy aftertaste it would probably be best to go with a coffee blend that is not as bold in flavor. You will want the THC Tincture to help balance out the flavor of the coffee. So, adding one bitter taste with another bitter taste probably wouldn’t be the best.

THC Strains

A popular THC strain to use in the morning are Sativas or Sativa Dominant Hybrids. This is because Sativas are usually associated with more uplifting properties. Since you’re more than likely to drink coffee in the morning to help you wake up, choosing a Sativa strain would probably be best. However, you’re able to go with an Indica if you want to help balance out the effects from the coffee.

Although THC might get you in the right headspace, you’re able to opt out of THC altogether and go with CBD instead. For some people both caffeine and THC tends to trigger anxiety. So, it makes sense to mix your coffee or THC with some CBD in order to balance out the effects. This is because CBD is usually associated with more mellow properties that can potentially help balance you out. 

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Other Recommendations

Before you jump in head first we recommend that you start off with small doses of both caffeine and THC mixed together. Although you might normally be able to handle high amounts of caffeine or THC on their own; you don’t know how you’ll react to the combination of both chemicals together. The thing about anything that you ingest is that you don’t know how long it will take for the effects to kick in.

Another helpful tip is to be sure to allow your coffee to cool down before you add in THC. This is because you don’t want the heat to burn up the THC that you’re using. A good rule to follow is if the drink is too hot to sip, then it’s also too hot to add THC in it. Most coffee sold in stores usually comes at a reasonable temperature, but as long as your drink is not scolding hot it should be ready to mix in THC.


Mixing caffeine with THC can be a pleasant experience if done correctly. However, certain things you’ll want to consider first include the flavors, the strains, and your tolerance to both caffeine and THC. As long as you are sure to start off with small dosages and monitor how your body reacts, you should be fine. 

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