Review: Is this the go-to source for DIY solar? 

Over the past several years, the demand for residential solar power systems has accelerated at a truly unprecedented pace. 

Some recent adopters of solar technology are embracing renewable power systems out of concerns over environmental sustainability, while others have more immediate and practical motives for turning to solar, such as a desire to lower monthly energy bills and to safeguard their homes against an increasingly unreliable power grid network.

Regardless of an individual’s particular reasons for taking an interest in solar, knowing which solar retailers to trust when investing in a new solar power system can be somewhat overwhelming.

While there are plenty of options out there, one of the fastest growing online retailers in the do-it-yourself solar sphere is

Who Are was launched in 2018. Despite their relatively short history, in the past four years, ShopSolarKits has risen to become one of the leading retailers of ready-made solar kits.

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While they can still be considered a fairly small company, their team consists of enthusiastic solar experts, which is evident from the passion their customer service team seems to have for the products carries.

What is Unique About

As they make plainly clear on their website, ShopSolarKits is dedicated to the goal of making solar simple. In other words, they model themselves as solar educators and advocates that are building a true DIY solar community, rather than just positioning themselves as an online retailer of solar equipment.

This unique mindset has likely played a significant role in the company’s rapid growth. Solar, like any evolving technology, can be somewhat intimidating to beginners. Where other solar retailers simply present products to potential customers as if they are all seasoned solar experts, ShopSolarKits seems committed to making solar simple and accessible to all types of customers.

How Do They Make Solar Simple?

To improve accessibility, simplifies the buying process by offering one-click orders on complete solar kits. These solar kits contain everything a customer needs to assemble their own fully functioning solar power system.

They also deliver outstanding customer service and rapid shipping on all of their solar kits, regardless of the cost or size. Unfortunately, high-quality customer service and rapid shipping are both in short supply in an industry where many retailers and manufacturers are located off-shore in non-English speaking nations. also has a clear focus on affordability, which is another reason for their impressive rate of growth, as cost is often seen as the primary barrier that prevents new users from adopting solar technology.

Finally, provides numerous educational resources for customers and prospective customers alike.

What Does Offer? 

As the company’s name suggests, specializes in pre-packaged solar kits. These complete solar kits contain everything users need to assemble their own DIY solar power system and they are designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

Rather than needing to go out and purchase each component separately, which can be confusing and expensive, especially for beginners, does the groundwork for their customers. 

By packing everything a customer needs into one convenient and affordable package, takes the guesswork out of building a solar power system. These user-friendly, DIY solar kits range in size, cost, and power capabilities, so it is easy for customers to find the perfect solar power system for their unique needs.

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In fact, the website even features a Solar Kit Sizing Tool, which can match prospective customers with the ideal solar kit for their specific needs and budget. 

Why Are Their Solar Kits So Popular?

As mentioned, the one-click checkout model that offers is a real plus for those that are just starting out. While carries individual components, like deep-cycle batteries, cables, solar generators, and various accessories, their clear specialization is their ready-made solar kits.

This is really where stands apart from their competitors. While there are other retailers that sell packaged solar kits, most of the “complete kits” offered by the competition are missing components, like cables and connectors. In some cases, supposedly “complete” solar kits are missing essential pieces of equipment, like a charge controller or power inverter.

By offering truly complete solar kits, customers are able to quickly, easily, and affordably embrace solar technology, which clearly lines up well with’s brand mission of simplifying solar.

What About Quality and Affordability?

Another way is able to stand out is by finding the perfect balance between affordability and quality. They are able to offer their complete solar kits at budget-friendly prices because they buy direct from solar manufacturers and then pass those savings on to their customers.

By adding up the individual prices for the parts within their solar kits and then comparing that to the full price of the kit, you really begin to appreciate how affordable their solar kits can be. This is because the components within their solar kits are almost always cheaper packaged together than they would be to purchase separately. is also fairly discriminatory when it comes to choosing the brands that they are willing to carry. They seem to focus almost entirely on carrying the latest equipment from the most reputable brands in the solar industry, rather than building their solar kits with lower quality components.

Put simply, they seem to really care about offering good value for money, which, again, is a partial explanation for their growing popularity.

ShopSolarKits Reviews 

The rapid growth of and their emergence as the go-to place for DIY solar seems to be heavily based on their growing amount of positive customer reviews. 

Their varied efforts to simplify solar for their customers certainly seem to be paying off. Take, for example, their incredibly popular Solar Hub, which offers a wide range of beginner-friendly educational resources, including wiring diagrams, installation guides, and solar learning modules.

The Solar Hub is also backed up by a regularly updated YouTube Channel that features in-depth product reviews and demonstrations, installation tutorials, and plenty of other informative video guides. seems committed to sticking with their customers throughout their solar journey, which you can see in their customer reviews. Where the relationship between a customer and retailer typically ends as soon as the transaction has been completed and the products have been received, offers lifetime customer support.

Their outstanding customer support and their continued efforts to publish educational resources demonstrates a genuine desire to help customers through their solar journey. Again, this is surprisingly rare in the solar industry. Judging from their Customer Testimonials Page, it is also an attitude that is deeply appreciated by their customers.

Other Reasons for the Rapid Growth of

When it comes to assessing the popularity of, it is important to also take practical explanations into consideration. While their impressive customer service speaks for itself, the following are just some of the other reasons why an ever-growing number of people are turning to for their solar needs:

Practical Solar Kits for All Types of Needs and Budgets:

For starters, their product catalog is very impressive. They categorize their solar kits according to different needs customers may have. They offer portable, plug-and-play solar generator kits that are ideal for RV enthusiasts, campers, van lifers, and those that have an interest in emergency preparedness.

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For those looking to install a large-scale off-grid or grid-tied solar power system, they offer a variety of Custom Solar Kits that can be used to outfit a full-sized house. By offering solar kits that can fulfill just about any type of power need, they take the confusion out of the buying process. They are also able to position themselves as a one-stop-shop for all types of solar power systems.

Fast and Reliable Shipping:

Unfortunately, the solar industry is plagued by unreliable shipping estimates. While there are many reasons for this, is able to offer refreshingly reliable shipping services. According to their website, they rely on a dedicated network of shipping carriers to deliver solar kits as quickly as possible.

They also maintain their own product warehouses, where many other solar retailers simply place orders on behalf of manufacturers, so they have less control over the shipping process. 

Their commitment to rapid shipping is obvious when you read through customer testimonials. Not only are products sent out quickly, they make a strong effort to keep their customers informed about the status of their order. They also seem to package equipment for safe delivery, which is incredibly important when you are talking about delicate and expensive solar equipment.

Financing Options and Tax Incentives:

For those with concerns about the up-front cost of a large-scale solar power system, offers their own simplified and affordable Financing Options. Quick and easy financing options can be a real benefit for those that would otherwise have to look at lower quality equipment.

They also encourage customers to take advantage of renewable energy tax rebates by providing informative guides. Again, this demonstrates the company’s interest in helping their customers purchase a solar kit in the most cost-effective way possible.

Customer Reviews of

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Our Verdict – Is the Hype Surrounding Justified? clearly has a lot to offer. Their customer service and after-sale support seem to be second-to-none. Another highlight is their wide range of beginner-friendly solar kits that feature the highest quality components at entry-level prices.

Not only are their simplified solar kits and numerous educational resources appealing for beginners, they also offer highly advanced solar kits, so it is also a practical retailer for the most experienced solar enthusiasts.

Overall, we have to admit we are impressed with what we see from this fast-growing solar retailer and can certainly understand the rapid growth of 

Rather than just take our word for it, take a look at just a few of the over 2,200 customer reviews they make available on their website!

You can also view customer reviews for yourself by visiting the Testimonials Page. Many reviewers upload photographs of their installed solar kits, so it is a great place to see these solar power systems in action! 

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