Strategically investing your money is a smart way to grow your wealth over time. Honestly, if you are not willing to work till your last breath for a living, then calculative investment can help achieve financial freedom. From stocks to mutual funds, commodities and now cryptocurrencies, investment options are endless. This might be confusing if you are new to the market. While traditional investment methods seem more tangible and safe because they are regulated by a governing body, crypto, the newest addition to the market is entirely virtual. The real difference can be spotted when you compare the percentage of gains. Cryptocurrencies have magnified their value in a matter of days leaving stocks and mutual funds in the dust.

Shiba Max is a recently introduced digital currency using blockchain technology. It is a dogecoin launched as a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency. The dog breed Shiba is the lucky mascot of the cryptocurrency. Shiba Max ($SMAX) has already created some buzz in the cryptocurrency market within a few days of its launch. And there are obvious reasons for it. Liquidity is locked in this currency which eliminates rug pulling so everyone’s investments are safe. Additionally, Shiba Max has renounced ownership to further boost the liquidity locked feature. This means the currency no longer holds permission to update anything.

Shiba Max is offering 4% redistribution rewards to the holders. This means whenever the currency is bought or sold, the existing holders get a share of the value. Also, the cryptocurrency allows 4% of the total supply burns to naturally increase the value of the investment. With such rewards and investment benefits, $SMAX has truly emerged as a revolutionary currency in the crypto market. The currency has the capability to 100x your investment in a short amount of time so hold on to it and it may just make you incredibly rich.

Shiba Max has proved its growth over the years when compared to other cryptocurrencies in the market. In its initial phase, Shiba Max managed to gain 1,000 holders and 500 members in Telegram. It has applied for  CMC & CG listings with $1 million market capitalization and currently pending to 100x. At present, $SMAX has 500 holders and 600 members in telegram. It has landed esteemed sponsorships and partnerships and has now grown to reach even bigger market capital.

Considering the percentage of returns in traditional investments, crypto is a better option for growth right now and with such powerful currencies like Shiba Max, investors are eager to enjoy the returns from ths innovative cryptocurrency. This exponential growth in such a short period is worth watching. Shiba Max is definitely a promising currency for crypto investment.

Shiba Max is available on the Ethereum network. It can be purchased from MetaMask which is the market leader in ERC20 (Ethereum) wallets. It can be downloaded as an extension on the computer to set up the wallet or purchased via MetaMask App on iPhone or Android smartphones.  For more information and to make sure you’re purchasing the right token check out their website

$SMAX is now laser-focused on launching its decentralized exchange protocol with Uniswap. This will make it easier for anyone to swap any token on the Ethereum network to Shiba Max. This is a brilliant step for Shiba Max to encourage more people to join the community and earn higher returns on their investments. To keep up to date with their progress join their telegram group

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