Sherry Battle Creates Millionaires with Her Intensive Membership Course

Sherry Battle, CEO of Entrepreneur Dream Team, is a self-made millionaire with a passion for lifting others. Battle made her first million dollars by age 29, and she wants to help others do the same. According to her, there is a formula to a million, and it’s a lot easier than many people think.

Battle comes from a large family. Her parents were pioneers of their time that taught her the importance of entrepreneurship and the vitality that comes from multiple income streams.

She cracked the system and now shows others how to follow her proven blueprint to make their first million dollars and beyond. She has the knowledge and motivation to assist others in their investments, scaling, and creation of lasting generational wealth.

An engineer with multiple other professions, Battle is a godly woman. Being a twin from a large family of 9, her father owned a fine dining restaurant that doubled as a discotheque and bar. He owned property that the restaurant operated out of, as well as duplexes and single-family homes throughout the area. He served as a mailman as well. This multi-sourced income was normal to young Battle and what she continues to live by today.

“We didn’t know any differently,” she said. “There were always multiple sources of income coming into the household. Even as an adult, I haven’t seen a better way. It is the best way to this day.”

Battle’s First Lesson

Battle’s first business was modeling agency which she started at age 27. She attempted to hire photographers and noticed a general lackluster quality in all potential hires’ portfolio submissions. Battle didn’t know, at the time, that not everyone is competitive. She assumed a competitive nature is typical and part of everyone’s human experience. However, seeing the low-quality photo submissions from many people who allegedly wanted a job, Battle realized that she might be a little more unique than she thought.

“People who were trying to get the photographer job at my agency weren’t competitive,” she said. “The photos weren’t good at all. It wasn’t two or three — it was every single submission. That helped me realize that I was different. It dawned on me that my peers were not moving the same speed I was going. She contributed this to the different paths taken.

She wasn’t even trying to make her first million by age 29; it just happened because the numbers of the modeling agency added up.

The Math to One Million

Battle explained, “When I made my first million, my accountant told me in a way that all I could do was shake my head in disbelief saying “no way”. She was talking about taxes, nothing exciting. I was just in disbelief. But because I am so analytical, I wanted to know how I did it! ‘Show me,’ I said to her. So I sat down with her, and we went over the numbers.”

There was no other way for Battle to make but a million dollars each time from her blueprint she just accidentally developed. She could make a million dollars many times over from her system because the numbers added up to that total every single time.

Expansion and Tragedy

Once she gripped that understanding, she started to expand on that idea. Instead of one million, she could make two or three or even four.

Battle is twice widowed. Her high school sweetheart was her first husband and the father to her son. He passed away in 1994. Battle and her family trained him to drive a tractor-trailer so he could start his own company — the mentality that follows whoever joins their clan. But there was a terrible accident. A tractor-trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit her late husband.

“But, his company did make one million dollars before he passed away,” Battle said. “That generational wealth is his legacy. That other driver took my husband from me, but nobody can ever take this system from me. I can show people how to make a million dollars on their terms.”

Generational Wealth

Battle runs a Facebook group called A Million on Her Own Terms, which currently has four millionaires among its members due to her system. She stresses the importance of making money and saving rather than flaunting it on social media. She feels that the younger generations are motivated and with the proper guidance-mentorship she is confident she can help.

There are people who share with others how to become a millionaire when they are not a millionaire themselves. She feels she can bring credibility to those who are in this position.”I think the younger generations are motivated because they are so animated, and very sharp” she said. “And please know there are some exceptions to this description, but I have found so many people today have this pattern of showing off. Presentation and spending money to show off seems more important to them than saving and making those numbers. They want the clout. But clout is not wealth.”

Battle is so good at what she does that she can make anyone a millionaire as long as they follow her template and make good financial decisions.

About Sherry Battle

Sherry Battle, CEO of Entrepreneur Dream Team, is a self-made millionaire and expert investor. Her program teaches people of all backgrounds to make their first million dollars. To join her program and learn how to make your first million, please go to

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