Sheila Adel, Founder Of Lady Ease – Safe, Feminine Skincare Products You Can Trust, Made For Women By A Woman

Adel’s desire to give women peace of mind and make them feel more beautiful and comfortable in their own skin inspired her to share the healthy skincare solutions she developed to combat her own discomfort from vaginal dryness

Most women enjoy their femininity and embrace the blessings and the challenges that accompany womanhood. All women have to deal with menstrual cycles. Some must deal with pregnancy, childbirth, and female-related treatment and surgeries. Ultimately, as they approach middle age, all are affected by menopause. There are common symptoms that women can experience at any age, but they are more prone to them during and after menopause. One is vaginal dryness, which can rob women of comfort, confidence, and a sense of complete well-being. Sheila Adel, founder of Lady Ease, an elite feminine skincare company, is bravely offering solutions to women who suffer from vaginal dryness. She stepped up for the sisterhood because she experienced this condition herself and was determined to develop exceptional products that would make things better for all women.

With a strong engineering and management background, Adel invested 34 years in the electric power industry, working for the Bonneville Power Administration. It is no wonder she has such a can-do attitude since she worked in positions related to residential technology designed for energy conservation, designing installations of high voltage and fiber optic cables on transmission lines, and in research and development for technology innovation of high voltage transmission systems. Following her retirement from the power industry, Adel served as the Chief Operations Officer in her daughter and son-in-law’s company, High Performance Homes. In this role, she optimized systems, processes, and procedures to lead the company into becoming a top home improvement company. Adel has enough education, experience, and Superwoman expertise to use invention, design, and innovation to solve almost any problem.

As Adel approached age 50, she began experiencing menopausal symptoms and sought medical counsel about the discomfort she was experiencing. Many of the products she tried were irritating, and the ingredients they contained often made her worry about exposure to them. She always felt there was something off about them. In her experience, these products offered only a temporary fix or even made the problem worse.

There is a physiological explanation for many of the changes that affect women. As menopause approaches, women experience a reduction of estrogen, which affects the skin covering the body. Skin loses its thickness, becoming thin, dry, and easily irritated, especially in the vaginal area. Once Adel completed her research and fully understood the root cause of vaginal dryness, she set her sights on creating the best skincare products with the highest-quality ingredients, without additives, that would be entirely safe for her to use. As friends and family tried her products and fell in love with them, she realized all women deserve to have access to these nourishing skincare solutions.

Adel’s products, Lady Ease VM Oil, VM Cream, and VM Serum have been researched, developed, tested, and designed. Each product is soothing, loaded with natural ingredients, sustainably sourced, non-toxic, and free of hormones, paraben, fragrance, preservatives, and chemicals. They vary in the way they feel and in the effect they have on the skin. The gentle VM Oil goes on light to plump and comfort, the emollient VM Cream protects and nourishes, while the VM Serum has a light silky feel to calm and soothe. A customer can choose to apply one or all of the products to achieve the comfort and ease for a just-right feel, depending on the activities of the day. Lady Easeproducts can be purchased individually or as a set.

“I want to give women peace of mind that the skincare solutions Lady Ease offers will help, not harm, their bodies,” says Adel. “My goal is to make them feel more beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.” Although the most significant population suffering from vaginal dryness is mature women, it is not uncommon for younger women to experience this condition while undergoing cancer treatment, in the months following pregnancy, or at different times in their menstrual cycle.

Even subtle discomfort can significantly impact a woman’s life. It can make the difference between wanting to participate and saying “no” instead of “yes.” As a post-menopausal woman, Adel intimately understands the challenges women face physically and emotionally due to vaginal dryness, and her vision is to make life more comfortable for women all over the world. Through her Lady Ease products, Adel confirms her belief that women deserve to enjoy comfort, peace of mind, pleasure, individuality, excellent self-care, and to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Trusting products made for women by a woman seems like a wise decision. Sheila Adel is a woman who knows how to successfully pivot and problem-solve in far-reaching ways. To find out more about Lady Ease products, search for them on social media and visit their website, Lady Ease.

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