Shark Tank Success Leads LA Innovator Noam Krasniansky to Explode the NFT Market

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Noam’s Background – Shark Tank Success – The Ultra Entrepreneur

Noam Krasniansky started Bambooees towels (the un-paper towels) with his wife Irene, a product designer, after she stopped wanting to use paper towels. Noam searched for an environmentally friendly option, couldn’t find one, and created one himself that blew away the competition.

As entrepreneurs, visionaries, Noam and Irene saw a need for more environmentally friendly products that anyone could use. They wanted to impact their children’s generation and future global scale.. About 3,000 tons of paper towels are wasted daily in the US. Thus, Bambooee was born.

Noam and Irene’s desire to bring sustainable products to the marketplace and change the course of the planet prompted them to pitch on Shark Tank.

Lori Greiner agreed to back the husband and wife team with $200,000 for 10% in equity. From this 2014 launch with capital, they’ve made over 10 million dollars and counting with Bambooee!!

With every purchase, they plant a tree. So far, they’ve planted hundreds of thousands of trees and counting. Bambooees make life convenient for customers while helping the planet regenerate. Instead of wasting money and materials on disposable paper towels, Bambooee, reusable towels (washable up to 100 times!) made of extra-strength bamboo, eradicate the need for paper towels completely.

Their dynamic partnership has led them to create and evolve with the times, and they approach new business ideas with the same tenacity, enthusiasm, and passion. It is with the same excitement, professionalism, creativity, and persistence that the couple is approaching the NFT space, looking forward to the same level of success.

Screen Shot 2022 06 16 at 3.10.44 PMWhat’s Next? Ooonimals Launches Aug 2022

Having lived in Los Angeles for 28 years as an ultra entrepreneur, Noam is bred to innovate and win . In our interview, Noam explained, “ you must innovate or die, for nobody remembers the has-beens.”  It only makes sense that his latest venture is in the Crypto/NFT space, an industry destined to change the collectible, art, movie and music industry as a whole.

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The concept? Ooonimals.

Ooonimals are animated animal characters existing in the Oooniverse, a dream-state world in a place called No-where-ness. Their purpose is to reconnect adults to the source of their creative imaginations and allow them to reconnect to the magicalness of being a kid. They exist to rescue us from a world that seems broken and to allow us to see the world through the eyes of a kid again. You can observe children interacting with Ooonimals whenever you see them talking to an imaginary friend because they still have a sense of wonder.

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Join the Club

Ooonimals NFT emergence to the Space occurred in 2019 with over 100 character within the Oooniverse. In 2022, five characters will be entering the NFT space with five exclusive collections for 1289 NFTs each (6444 total) dropping August 16th, minting on the website only. Right now, you can get  exclusive VIP-level access to next generation blue-chip projects, collaborations Ooonimals white-listing and NFT airdrops through Club 44. Getting a Club 44 NFT collectible card gives you early access to special events, private Discord,    2 Oonimals NFTs and unique merchandise with unprecedented opportunities. Passes are expected to sell out over the next few weeks and have been limited to 1,000 passes.

In addition, there are plans to release a Kickstarter with next generation real-life collectibles merged with virtual NFTs. Think of baseball cards married to BitCoin. The roadmap also will include Ooonimals the movie, web mini-series, amusement parks strategically located in cities where characters have worlds. 

The Future of Crypto and Entrepreneurship

Noam is excited about his new development in the Crypto NFT space and is ready to launch (NNN) Noam’s NFT News on YouTube. The comedic view of the NFT landscape will feature top NFT founders and influencers within the space. Noam will also conduct live interviews on the street with the public at large and get a real world consensus on NFT related topic

Noam welcomes you to the Ooonivese!

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