Shark Tank CBD Gummies – How to Avoid Shark Tank CBD Scams?

Recently everyone has been talking about CBD gummies. So, what is the hype? CBD gummies are known for reducing pain, swelling, anxiety, cognitive problems and other health issues. They have become so popular, and customers love them for the benefits they provide to the body. But one thing you should know is that no CBD gummies have ever been recommended on Shark Tank.

Several people take CBD gummies every day for health and wellness, but you should never buy any CBD gummies that claim to have been advertised on Shark Tank or the popular ABC program. There are plenty of amazing CBD gummies to use that are highly beneficial for a number of desirable health effects.

Inside the highly controversial and outright fraudulent marketing affairs hidden around in the Shark Tank CBD gummies scams, one must be able to use proper discernment and due diligence in recognizing that no CBD oil-infused product brand (including all hemp derived cannabidiol oil edibles), has any legitimate merit when it comes to being able to see As Seen On Shark Tank TV episodes. To date, no single CBD gummy product line has been featured on a Shark Tank TV episode and thus any marketing for any product or company should be deemed as false and 100% fake.

And unfortunately, this tactic of faking Shark Tank CBD gummy advertisements is not new, as media publications like HealthMJ wrote about this years ago and only now are major media outlets like USAToday (who wrote about “The claim: Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary invested in CBD gummies created by contestants Donna and Rosy Khalife”), PolitiFact (who wrote about “Powerful Type-2 diabetes Gummies Nets The Biggest Deal in Shark Tank History!” reads a recent blog post headline that appears to have no basis in reality”)and Bellevue Reporter starting to spread the spotlight on this dangerous, slippery slope.

While many are still interested in the best cbd oils, there is one such brand that has been at the center of attention when it comes to one that the brand is clean, but the marketing by representatives is dirty as all kinds of Shark Tank CBD gummy ads for this Keoni CBD gummies brand have surfaced in 2021. What is interesting about this specific brand is that it seems to be caught in the crosshairs of a few bad apples who look to falsify claims about this reputable CBD gummies company being featured on Shark Tank TV show when in fact it has not and likely never will be. Let’s dive into a review of how these Shark Tank CBD gummy scams work and how to avoid them all together to ensure you grab the best CBD gummies on the market this year.

Why are CBD Gummies so Popular?

What are CBD gummies? CBD gummies are supplements that have been derived from the cannabis plant. They are 100% legal in the United States and some countries around the world. The CBD sold in most stores comes from the hemp plant instead of marijuana.

The only reason why they are legally bought and sold is because they have less than 0.3% THC content, meaning it causes no high effect. Today, you can find CBD gummies in many online stores since they are popular and people use them to get their daily dose of Cannabidiol.

To avoid all of the Shark Tank CBD Gummies scams online, make sure you find a reputable review list of the best CBD gummies to try.

The Science behind Cannabidiol; How CBD Gummies Work

CBD gummies have been combined with several substances such as flavours, gelatin, colours and hemp-derived CBD. As mentioned earlier, CBD has been derived from the cannabis plant, and these natural chemicals contained in the plant are known as cannabinoids. THC is also another cannabinoid, best known for causing psychoactive benefits. It is the part of the plant that makes you feel high.

On the other hand, CBD is believed to have its own benefits. Although it does not have any psychoactive properties, it still makes you high. But as far as the United States law is concerned, any hemp-derived product should have less than 0.3% THC to be considered legal.

Ever since the United States passed the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD gummies are legal at a Federal level. Today, all CBD gummies sold have below 0.3% THC content, and some have 0.0% THC. This is to ensure that THC does not cause any potential complications.

Are there any Shark Tank CBD Gummies?

Several CBD gummies claim that their product has ever been featured on Shark Tank, but that is not true. There is no CBD gummy company that has ever been displayed on Shark Tank. If you come across any, know that you are being scammed.

The thing is that these companies use doctored images to make you believe they have been recommended on Shark Tank. For example, you may come across an image of two entrepreneurs with photoshopped products in the background. Apart from that, these companies use wild stories to convince you.

Know that as of August 2021, Shark Tank has not featured any CBD gummies product, and if there will be any, it will be big news.

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How Does the Scam Work?

Several Shark Tank CBD gummies that are being sold use the same pattern to scam people. They use a simple trick to convince customers that they are buying quality and legitimate CBD gummies. Mostly you will find these gummies sold at half the price of the competing brands. Here is how they work;

Step 1; Read or Spot an advert Online

You will find or see a random advert advertising CBD gummies that have been featured on Shark Tank.

Step 2: Provides more information

The page will further provide you with extra information about the company and how it appeared on Shark Tank. They will either tell you how they received an offer from Sharks or how they signed a record-breaking deal worth lots of money.

Step 3: Additional Indicators

As you continue reading, they will tell you how legitimate their product is, show you customer reviews, Facebook comments, verified purchases and other indicators to make you believe you are dealing with a legit website.

Step 4: Discount Offers

At the end of the page, the website will note that they are offering their CBD gummies at a huge discount, and they will further claim they have limited stock but have enough for today’s purchases.

Step 5: Buy the CBD gummies

Many customers end up being impressed with all those indicators, believing they are purchasing Shark Tank gummies only to find out they have paid for overpriced and under-dosed CBD gummies.

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What Makes Shark Tank CBD Gummies a Scam?

Most times, you will find inferior products advertised dishonestly. You might also get CBD gummies with no CBD or information about the amount of THC and other compounds it contains. The following reasons prove that Shark Tank CBD gummies are a scam;

They have been overpriced

CBD gummies mainly cost around $5 to $100 depending on their quality, brand and other things. When it comes to Shark Tank CBD gummies, they use premium pricing since most customers already believe that the product comes from Shark Tank, but that is not the case.

Low CBD Dosage

Legit CBD gummies are transparent about the dosages of their product. They mainly range from 2.5mg to 25mg, but this usually depends on your budget and the CBD dosage you want. So, if a CBD gummy company says they have been on Shark Tank, they may not be telling you the truth about their dosage.

Undisclosed Ingredients

Many Shark Tank CBD gummies have undisclosed ingredients so that you can believe the gummies are working. If they say they have been featured on Shark Tank, they are also lying about their ingredients. This can make you fail a drug test or develop serious health issues.

The effects may not just come from THC. Some CBD gummies have been manufactured with melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy or caffeine that makes you feel energized. This is to trick you that the effects come from CBD, but it is a big lie.

Exaggerated Health Benefits

Shark Tank CBD gummies can tell you anything so long as they make a sale. They will tell you that their CBD gummies cure all kinds of ailments, help you lose weight and solve many other health problems per FDA regulations.

First of all, companies selling supplements should not include that their products are meant for preserving or treating any conditions. Watch out for CBD gummies scams that overemphasize on health benefits.

They have stolen personal and financial information

At times these companies do not even send you the CBD gummies that you pay for. They take your personal and financial information, and they might close the website. Now that scammers have your information, they might try to sell your credit card number.

Free Samples and Trial Scams

Scam CBD gummies also use the free sample and trial scam. They tell you that they are being advertised on Shark Tank and are now offering a free trial. They further add that you only need to pay a shipping fee of $4.99 or $9.55. If you accept any of this, you will also be paying for an entire CBD gummy product without your knowledge.

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How to Avoid Shark Tank CBD Gummy Scams?

It is easy to avoid these scams, especially if they mention they have been featured on Shark Tank. If you find one that says so, know that it is a scam. Other ways to avoid CBD gummy scams include;

Google the company to verify if it has ever been featured on Shark Tank

Verify other claims made about the CBD gummies, such as certifications, ingredients, lab results, etc.

Watch out for out of stock warnings, exaggerated benefits, etc.

Do not be lured into free trial offers as your personal information might be stolen

Has Former Shark Kevin Harrington Endorsed a CBD Company?

Up to now, there is only one legitimate link between Shark Tank and CBD. The former Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington endorsed a CBD company. That was in July 2019, where he announced his support for a company known as Wild Things Botanicals. The company makes capsules, CBD oils, balms, lotions, skin creams, gummies, etc.

Kevin Harrington was there on the first two episodes of Shark Tank, which was between 2009 and 2011. Since then, he has not been on the show. Even after his endorsement of a CBD company, it was never featured in any Shark Tank episode, and non-other CBD gummy products have ever been featured.

Final Words

CBD gummies are popular, and many people are purchasing them for health purposes. This has made many companies use them to scam people. They claim that their CBD gummies have been displayed or recommended on Shark Tank. If you ever happen to come across a website that says they have appeared on Shark Tank, know that you are about to be scammed. No CBD gummies have even been promoted or featured on Shark Tank.

And just as a word of caution, there are the same types of marketing schemes running for the best keto pills, where fake Shark Tank keto pills are being advertised much in the same way all of these fraudulent CBD gummies’ Shark Tank ads are being positioned. But now that you know how to avoid Shark Tank CBD scams altogether, this should not be a problem at all anymore because to date no single CBD gummy brand or company has been on the Shark Tank TV episode.

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