Shakera Mckenzie Inspires The Hearts Of Atlanta With Women’s Empowerment Brunch

(Shakera Mckenzie[second from left] poses for a picture with colleagues)
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Elegance, by definition, is “the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner”. One could also say that it’s a synonym for NOLA’s very own Shakera Mckenzie. Hailing from New Orleans, Mckenzie has witnessed underprivileged people go far too long without enough necessary resources and community to recover. Her many efforts in the wellness space provide opportunity for a better quality of life no matter your age, ethnicity, or disability! As CEO of Kingdom Expressions (KE) Mental Health Organization and the Founder of the non-profit Sis Hear Me LLC, she recently hosted a very special brunch in College Park, GA to provide a safe space for women to express their trauma and receive support. Her business mission is to lead her clients to discover and release their full potential by implementing a comprehensive plan of care that is both purpose oriented and addresses identified needs. Her organizations address additional areas of growth such as a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise, overcoming anxiety-prone personality traits, interpersonal conflicts, grieving, strategies for reducing and managing stress, hope, and purpose.

Accompanying Mckenzie, was Ashley Thomas (co-host) along with many other special guests including Kiana Dancie, Remi jones, Ingrid Jones, and Sandrian Nelson-Moon. This event comes as part of a series called “#SisHearMe” and the topic of discussion was “Lets Talk Trauma”. Leading the way for making safe spaces, Mckenzie and colleagues shared their stories of past traumas and also triumphs, hoping to inspire more women to be able to express themselves and “find healing and hope”. Mckenzie’s personal pursuit in all of this is to bring total alignment to the effectiveness and delivery of services provided to help disadvantaged families succeed in their homes, schools, and communities.

(Kiana Dancie [left], Shakera Mckenzie [right])
Photos Provided By: KALON JUSTICE

Heads turned as she walked in, necks broke watching her chassé across the room, and ears listened as she spoke triumph into the hearts of every single attendee while wearing a strikingly confident and powerful blue ensemble. The whole event carried a spirit of love, support, and GENUINE sisterhood! It’s remarkable and extremely necessary to have leaders like Shakera providing spaces for safety, communication, and self-expression. Through her incredible work, she provides wellness restoration for a multitude of people all recovering from a variety of mental health issues.

Women’s History Month is certainly a breath of fresh air with legendary women like Shakera Mckenzie making space in the many ways she does, but to have a panel of other women that match her fly?! She is really doing it! For the love of women, and brunch too!

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