10 Best Gay Onlyfans Accounts

Best Gay OnlyFans LAW
You don’t need to wait for pride week to celebrate your sexual appetites with some amazing Onlyfans action, because we’ve found you the best gay Onlyfans accounts from across the globe. These hotties all have one thing in common: they love men! Whether they are top or bottom, masculine or exploring their sissy sides, huge bears or tiny twinks, there’s a build and body type that will have every interested man bite his bottom lip and form some ideas.

We’re not just bringing you any gay Onlyfans accounts – we’re bringing you our favorites for 2024. These men don’t just put on a show, they interact with their fans in amazing ways, they thrill at the idea of fulfilling fantasies, and they look lick-lipping delicious while they do it. Whether you’re looking for someone who can sext your socks off, or you just love watching a big finish from an endowed hero, this is going to be the list for you. Check out our top gay Onlyfans accounts of 2024!

Best Gay OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Gay OnlyFans Models Accounts

  1. The Scuba Gay – Best Poolside Fun
  2. BlondNBlue – Best Feet and Plushie Fetishist
  3. SH_Seoul – Sexiest Korean
  4. Charlie Gay – Best Guy Next Door
  5. My-Gay-Erotica – Most Intimate Creator
  6. Arek – Best Polish Business Owner
  7. The Gay Hippie – Best Tantric Lover
  8. XDevil_RedX – The Italian Stallion
  9. Mike Masters – Best in BDSM
  10. Ema Paz – Sexiest Personalized Content

Best 10 Gay OnlyFans Models

#1. The Scuba Gay – Best Poolside Fun

@thescubagay LAW


  • Over 8,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 200 Posts

Where to Follow:

About The Scuba Gay:

The Scuba Gay picked his name because he can’t get enough of being in the water. The only thing he loves more is taking a huge cock, and who can blame him? This Miami boy will spend the time he’s not swimming at the gym, or in a new friend’s bed.

The Scuba Gay loves to be someone’s fuck toy, especially if he can add some kink to the mix. You’ll see him get stretched out in the best ways possible, or even tied up and used. He never passes up an opportunity to be properly bred, and you can catch all the salacious action on his Onlyfans gay account. If you want even more, opt in for a long-term subscription discount, and never miss a moment.

#2. BlondNBlue – Best Feet and Plushie Fetishist

@blondnblue222 LAW


  • Over 6,500 Likes
  • 1,500 Fans and Growing
  • Free Account

Where to Follow:

About BlondNBlue:

BlondNBlue describes himself as a sexy blonde otter with some very curious habits. He loves to create some of the best free gay Onlyfans solo art you can find, and he knows this only gets better as he gets to know his fans. When you follow his page, which is completely free, be sure to send him a message and say hi.

BlondNBlue is a philanthropist – he donates 20% of all his income to fight Children’s cancer, which is means sending him a sexy tip will help the whole world. This tall 35-year-old bisexual is a grad student, a gaymer, and a poet who loves to showcase foot fetish content, and film solo work often with stuffed animals. You’ll have to ask him about it!

#3. Sh_Seoul – Sexiest Korean

@sh seoul LAW


  • 26,000 Likes and Counting
  • Nearly 400 Posts
  • Subscription Discounts

Where to Follow:

About Sh_Seoul:

If you want some culture with your gay only fans stars, then look no further than Sh_Seoul, a Korean up-and-comer with a superb gym-toned body. This silky-bodied stud is going to tempt you with his seductive gaze, and then show you a great time once you’re in his domain. He’s just begging you to embrace the carnal, and there’s no reason to say no!

With Sh_Seoul, you can take advantage of a long-term subscription discount, where you gain full entry to his sexual repertoire. You’re going to lust for more of this bombshell’s content, so you may want to take a deep breath now, because he just might steal it away.

#4. Charlie Gay – Best Guy Next Door

@charliegay12 LAW


  • Over 14,000 Likes
  • 600 Photos and Counting
  • Over 200 Videos

Where to Follow:

About Charlie Gay:

Charlie is a bear cub Cali boy who’s going to bare it all for you. His gay XXX content is incredibly steamy, which includes his solo and duo videos, cumshots, blowjobs, toy play, ass and ball play, anal, and more. He does custom content creation, and responds to all his messages.

Charlie loves his loyal fans, and will send you a free video each Wednesday if you have your auto-renew on. All his videos are high quality, and if you want to immerse yourself further into the experience, you can purchase his various worn clothing to enjoy while you watch him. He even has a free page so you can get a taste before you fully dive in. Enjoy this only fans gay star as he bares all!

#5. My-Gay-Erotica – Most Intimate Creator

@m g e LAW


  • Over 10,000 Likes
  • 700 Photos and Counting
  • Over 100 Videos

Where to Follow:

About My-Gay-Erotica:

MGE is all about exploring sexually and sharing those adventures with the world. MGE loves to be naked, and considers creating some of the best gay only fans content to be liberating and joyful. MGE truly believes in the power of loving yourself – body and mind – exactly as you are.

MGE takes in everyone, from beefy bears to otters to twinks, and all peoples in between. He practices love, kindness, equality, and passion in all things, and that translates to some seriously sexy content. Be sure to enjoy as he couples with other amazing users from around the globe, and has an orgasmic time rocking their world.

#6. Arek – Best Polish Business Owner

@polesomegay LAW


  • Over 49,000 Likes
  • Nearly 100 Videos
  • Over 150 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Arek:

Arek is a social and gay rights activist from Poland, and so you can guess that his main language will be Polish. That said, he seems to post in English enough that you should be fine, and even if you don’t understand, once you see him mostly naked, on the bed, waiting for his top to arrive, you’ll know you’re in for a good time in any language.

Arek doesn’t post daily because he runs a gay bar in the center of Poznan. When he does post, you know it’s going to be something salacious and carnal – Arek has too many fans, and too many likes for his content to be anything but. His account is among the best twink Onlyfans content around, so be sure to check it out.  

#7. The Gay Hippie – Best Tantric Lover

@the.gayhippie LAW


  • Over 2,600 Likes
  • Vids Unlocked on Wall
  • Nearly 100 Posts

Where to Follow:

About the Gay Hippie:

The Gay Hippie is a Melbourne based Italian-Aussie man who looks like a carved god come to life. This gorgeous piece of man-meat finds sex fascinating, and genuinely loves having it, sharing it, and experiencing it with the world. He travels often, and all his content is unlocked upon subscribing.

The Gay Hippie loves to play solo or with others, and there’ll be no shortage of ass play, anal, and cumshots to go around. He may be an up-and-comer, but he’s easily among the best gay Onlyfans creators worldwide. Pop into his page and encourage him to continue making content, because it only promises to get better and better!

#8. XDevil_RedX – The Italian Stallion

@devil red LAW


  • Over 20,000 Likes
  • 600 Videos and Rising
  • Top 10% of Onlyfans Creators

Where to Follow:

About XDevil_RedX:

Il Diavolo Rosso, or the Red Devil, or XDevil_RedX, is one of the best Onlyfans gay stars you can find. The world agrees, as he’s among the top 10% of all Onlyfans creators globally, so you’re going to want to see what this Italian Stallion can do. This versatile knockout loves to share his intimate adventures – both photos and videos – directly to his feed, and also in his DMs.

If you want to chat, he speaks both Italian and English, though you may want a translator to read some of his posts. Or just watch them without, because in the end, it’s all an orgasmic exploration of the male body. You can opt for a long-term subscription discount, so you don’t miss a single naughty post of this masculine work of art.

#9. Mike Masters – Best in BDSM

@gaydominant LAW


  • Over 10,000 Likes
  • Nearly 700 Videos
  • Over 900 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Mike Masters:

Mike Masters isn’t strictly making content about himself, though he’s in a lot of it. He’s putting out clips from the sexual adventures of all his boys, and he has quite a few of them. Mike Masters is a Dom, and his subs have been well trained to take huge cock and do as they’re told. You’ll see a few different subs featured in his clips, and get to know them all as they continue to show up and get ravished.

Mike Masters is a chiseled hunk whose page doesn’t come cheap, but the consistency and quality of his kinky posts make it totally worth it. If you opt for a multiple-month subscription bundle, you can save some money in the long run. To see a lot of dudes learn to take huge cocks, there’s no better place than this gay only fans account.

#10. Ema Paz – Sexiest Personalized Content

@emapaz LAW


  • Nearly 40,000 Likes
  • Daily Posts
  • Over 700 Posts

Where to Follow:


About Ema Paz:

Ema Paz is an Argentinian 22-year-old jaw-dropping young stud. He calls himself a hot exotic boy, and he’s 100% correct. On his steamy only fans gay page, you can get all his exclusive content for one affordable subscription price. Ema posts daily, so there’s lots to love each day, and he’s going to leave you satisfied and yet also wanting more.

Not only is Ema quite active, but he replies to every message and loves to make personalized content for his loyal fans. If there’s something you want him to create for you, all you have to do is ask. He speaks both Spanish and English, so for a fun start, have him seduce you in his native tongue, and see how long it takes for you to melt. You’ll love it.


Best Gay Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who are the best gay Onlyfans stars today?

When you want the best gay only fans accounts, look no further. We’ve featured our favorites for 2024, which include The Scuba Gay, BlondNBlue, SH_Seoul, Charlie Gay, and My-Gay-Erotica. These five amazing creators are only the tip of the iceberg, so we didn’t stop there.

You’ll also enjoy checking out Arek or The Gay Hippie. XDevil_RedX, Mike Masters, or Ema Paz are always worth checking out, and are some of the best creators of 2024. Each one of these stunning studs will knock your socks off.

What do the top gay Onlyfans creators make?

You’ve probably heard rumors that some people can stupid amounts of money as Onlyfans creators. Celebrities do this easily, as they bring millions of fans to the platform with them. Beyond that, the top 1% of Onlyfans creators can pull in $10,000 monthly or more.

We can only provide you with rough estimates, so take these answers with a grain of salt, but based on what little reporting we’ve seen, these are realistic numbers. The top 10% of Onlyfans creators likely earn thousands each month. The average creator isn’t so lucky, making anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to maybe the low thousands each month.

Which of the best Onlyfans gay creators shouldn’t be missed?

You’re not going to want to miss anyone on our list. The Scuba Gay, for instance, loves to volunteer as fuck toy for the day, and share that with the world. BlondNBlue makes hot erotic content, and is most often happy to include a plushie or to create foot fetish fun. For a taste of Korean spice, check out SH_Seoul, and for a classic guy-next-door, you can’t miss Charlie Gay. My-Gay-Erotica is not only going to provide you with some salacious content, but teach you to love yourself for who you are at the same time.

Arek is the owner of a Polish gay bar, and one steamy twink you won’t want to pass by. For some delectable ass play and tantric sex, you’ll want to catch The Gay Hippie in action. XDevil_RedX is an Italian dreamboat and one of the top rated Onlyfans creators worldwide, while Mike Masters will give you some wild glimpses into his BDSM practicing boys. Ema Paz is our youngest on the list, barely legal, and his personalized content is worth it.

How do I grow my own gay Onlyfans account?

The first thing you’ll want to consider is how you’ll create content consistently. Fans want to know what their favorite artists are going to show up and put out regularly. It’s a bit like a service contract – they’re paying, and trusting, that they’ll get a regular show out of it. Once you’re consistent, it’s time to find more fans.

Some creators reach out and seduce other great creators to collaborate with, which is great for crossing over and getting eyes on you. It’s also wise to have social media pages that link to your Onlyfans, and to update them regularly. Keep your brand consistent here. Places like Reddit are some of the best places to give fans a taste, and lure them to your page. Good luck, you’ve got this!

How will I be paid for my gay Onlyfans account?

Onlyfans makes it really easy for creators to get paid. First, you earn money through subscriptions, tips, and selling merchandise that you own the copyright for. Once you pass the initial threshold, you can withdraw that money at any time. Onlyfans takes their cut before they put the money into your holding account, so what you see is what you’ll receive.

You can set the site up to automatically deposit your money into your account monthly, or you can choose to take it out periodically. Either way, Onlyfans sends it to the banks, which usually takes up to five business days to process. After that, you get to enjoy the spoils of your hard work.

What mistakes can I avoid while running my gay Onlyfans account?

To best answer this, think about what will help your fans best understand who you are, what type of content you provide, and what they can expect when they sign up. If your page has no description, you’re not helping your fans. If you post inconsistently, and don’t communicate with your fans, they’re going to lose faith in you and leave.

If you don’t love talking about yourself, ask a friend to help you out. Ensure your pictures suit your style, and are attractive. It’s all your fans get to see. Don’t be afraid to post clips, and other saucy pictures on places like Reddit, as this gives people a taste, and will leave them wanting more. Aside from that, be authentic. You’ll attract people who like you for you, and they’ll stay for you.


If you’re still here, you’re probably not enjoying these amazing accounts to their fullest, and you really should. These men were curated from among the best of the best, and while we found many others who deserved to be on this list, we didn’t have to space to include everyone. While you enjoy these amazing hunks, we’ll work hard behind the scenes to bring you even more glorious gay Onlyfans action.


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