10 Top Male OnlyFans & Best Male OnlyFans

Best Male OnlyFans LAW
Are you looking for some new hard cocks to gaze at online? What about rock hard abs to admire as you stroke your own meat? You may be surprised to learn that some of the best male porn online can be found on OnlyFans. Male content creators on the site are doing very well, and there are more men joining the site as adult entertainers every single day. Women, gay men, bi people, and nonbinary folk are all into checking out man-on-man porn, solo cock masturbation, hairy alpha male content, and all the other good stuff that men like to share on their pages.

OnlyFans male accounts are some of the sexiest and most fun accounts to follow because these super fit men are muscular, good looking, and they are just as horny as you are. The best male Only Fans men are highly active online, and they are waiting to talk to you now in a private chat. 

You can ask them anything, including asking them to make custom videos just for you. OnlyFans guys are often open to trying new things, and they want to show you just how good they look while they fuck, suck, and jerk off on camera. Please read on to find out who we have chosen for our top 2023 OnlyFans male accounts to follow, we promise you will not be disappointed.

Best Male OnlyFans: Featured This Month

#1. Dylan Wild

Dylan Wild dylanwild OnlyFans


  • 0 Photos
  • 0 Videos

#2. Yeti

Yeti fabien26218780 OnlyFans


  • 1212 Photos
  • 218 Videos

#3. Daniel Shoneye

Daniel Shoneye danielshoneye OnlyFans


  • 535 Photos
  • 402 Videos

#4. ladyjakubowsky

ladyjakubowsky ladyjakubowsky OnlyFans


  • 1972 Photos
  • 62 Videos

#5. Jordan 🔱

Jordan 🔱 jay_55k OnlyFans


  • 1736 Photos
  • 726 Videos

#6. Emiliano VIP

Emiliano VIP emilianoterra OnlyFans


  • 1484 Photos
  • 617 Videos
  • 1,737 Subscribers

#7. Skysugaring

Skysugaring skysugaring OnlyFans


  • 700 Photos
  • 912 Videos

#8. Yeti

Yeti yetifree OnlyFans


  • 873 Photos
  • 480 Videos

#9. Conner

Conner bobayconner OnlyFans


  • 678 Photos
  • 369 Videos

#10. TheBigLeo

TheBigLeo leoboy_official OnlyFans


  • 154 Photos
  • 95 Videos
  • 8 Subscribers

#11. Léo Ferraz

Léo Ferraz paganpoetry OnlyFans


  • 3394 Photos
  • 2663 Videos

#12. Male Nude Art | Male Nude Photography

Male Nude Art | Male Nude Photography martintoye OnlyFans


  • 19131 Photos
  • 159 Videos

#13. J L D

J L D jldxxx OnlyFans


  • 1308 Photos
  • 499 Videos

#14. Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid johnnyrapid OnlyFans


  • 849 Photos
  • 244 Videos

#15. Jason Luv

Jason Luv iamjasonluv OnlyFans


  • 348 Photos
  • 277 Videos

#16. Casey Cooper

Casey Cooper caseycooperxxx OnlyFans


  • 0 Photos
  • 425 Videos

#17. ӄʋօȶɦɛ

ӄʋօȶɦɛ kvotheof OnlyFans


  • 242 Photos
  • 132 Videos


XANDER xanderboyx OnlyFans


  • 289 Photos
  • 40 Videos

#19. x9x26x

x9x26x x9x26x OnlyFans


  • 2929 Photos
  • 255 Videos

#20. girthmasterr - 8x7” Aussie 🐓 top 0.1%

girthmasterr - 8x7” Aussie 🐓 top 0.1% girthmasterr OnlyFans


  • 510 Photos
  • 576 Videos

#21. 🇺🇦Valdemar Santana 🔥

🇺🇦Valdemar Santana 🔥 va1demar OnlyFans


  • 2419 Photos
  • 832 Videos

#22. Tomas Skoloudik

Tomas Skoloudik tomasskoloudik OnlyFans


  • 3087 Photos
  • 1175 Videos


ARAB PVPI ♚ PROMO & CREATOR 🔱TOP 4.6% 🌹 sahilkhan187 OnlyFans


  • 804 Photos
  • 148 Videos
  • 5,699 Subscribers

#24. Jackson Riggs

Jackson Riggs jacksonriggsx OnlyFans


  • 255 Photos
  • 47 Videos

#25. Bradley 💙

Bradley 💙 bradderz7 OnlyFans


  • 128 Photos
  • 15 Videos

Best Male OnlyFans

  1. Blonde Boi – Best Male OnlyFans Bisexual Content
  2. Adam Coussins – Uncensored XXX Male OnlyFans Page
  3. Yeti – Top Male OnlyFans Hairy Alpha
  4. Persian Alpha Wolf – Hardcore and Raw OnlyFans Male
  5. Sebastian Coxxx – Best of the Gay Guys on OnlyFans
  6. Oscar Bear – Top Male Only Fans Bear
  7. TanTan Evan – Exclusive Gay Asian OnlyFans Male Content
  8. Call Me Papi – OnlyFans Male Sexting King
  9. Lukas – Daily Updated Male OnlyFans XXX Model
  10. Master.Baytes – Straight LGBTQ+ Friendly OnlyFans Male

Best 10 Male OnlyFans

#1. Blonde Boi – Bubble Butt Male OnlyFans Model

@bl0ndebro LAW 1


  • 1.1K+ media files
  • $11.99 per month

This blonde boi is dirty in more ways than one. His big muscular bubble but is the first thing that caught our attention but his explicit videos on his feed are what made us add him to our best male Only Fans list. He is a bisexual self-described alpha male who posts solo and duo sex tapes with fingering, fucking, cumshots, fetish play, and dirty talk. To get access to more exclusive content from him that is not on the feed, send a tip or turn on your auto-renew, or send a DM to chat with the man himself.

#2. Adam Coussins – Best Male OnlyFans UK Man 

@adamcoussins LAW 1


  • 3.4K+ media files
  • $12.99 per month

Where to Follow:


If you want to stay engaged and interested while on OnlyFans, then Adam Coussins is the first guy you should follow. He posts new uncensored stuff every single day, with nude pics, videos, and live streams that you do not want to miss.

Adam loves to watch sports and have fun, and when you join his page he will bring you into his carefree life, so you can have fun together. Send Adam a tip to get his attention, or if you really want to be noticed, you can purchase a gift from his Amazon Wishlist, like some new shoes, some protein powder, a new iPad, or a video game.

#3. Yeti – Top Male OnlyFans from France

@fabien26218780 LAW 1


  • 1.2K media files
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Meet Fabien, a top male OnlyFans model from Paris, France. This alpha male looks very strong, with a bodybuilder’s physique, a hairy body, and a handsome bearded face. He wants to hear from you, and is ready to make high-quality customs that you can revisit any time you are horny. 

Fabien says he “loves to destroy”, so get ready to watch some bottoms get fucked hard and covered in cum. He is into posting pictures and videos that feature blow jobs, boy on boy sex, dildo play, anal games, and more. If this sounds like the kind of thing you are into, then subscribe to his page now. You will be glad you did.

#4. Persian Alpha Wolf – Raw, Hardcore Top Male OnlyFans

@alphatopwolf22 LAW 1


  • 750+ media files
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:

If you want to see a true professional gay alpha male OnlyFans performer at work, then you will want to join the Persian Alpha Wolf’s page right away. He is in the top 0.57% of all content creators on the site, which likely means he has a few thousand subscribers, and for good reason.

This big and meaty bad boy posts raw, hardcore fucking, blowjobs, and more gay sex. He is a dominating big boy who loves to show bottoms and vers individuals exactly how hard he can give it to them. Because of the high-quality content in his 700+ posts, he guarantees that tops will enjoy his sex footage just as much as bottoms do. Follow his page for some of the best gay sucking, nutting, and deep dicking videos made by any of the top male OnlyFans creators. You won’t be sorry.

#5. Sebastian Coxxx – Fit and Sexy Male OnlyFans Creator

@sebastiancoxxx LAW 1


  • 880+ media files
  • $8.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Are you ready to watch a full library of over 380 sex tapes? Want to look at 500+ pictures of thick muscular thighs, a flat toned stomach, hard pecs, and big arms? All you have to do is subscribe to Sebastian Coxxx’s page, and you get all of his content, completely free. 

There is no pay per view content on his account at all, so everything he posts goes directly onto the feed for you to enjoy. Sebastian always keeps his fans in mind. To make sure things stay fair, he always keeps his price the same, so that you won’t see a half-price sale show up the day after you paid in full.

Your subscription fee lets you have full access to pics and vids with his face in them, exclusive gay sex tapes every single week, full-length videos (not just clips), public fun, and content that is made with a whole lot of other hot adult entertainers. All content is solo or gay as this male OnlyFans star is 100% into guys. You may not believe this but Sebastian says he can cum multiple times in one session, with his record being five in a row. We will believe it when we see it. Maybe he can beat his own record.


#6. Oscar Bear – Big and Hairy OnlyFans Male Creator

@oscarbear LAW 1


  • 1.3K media files
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:

If you are into a burly guy with a big beard, chest hair, hairy legs, and a masculine look, then Oscar is probably right up your alley. We have chosen this Brazilian boy as one of our top male Only Fans accounts to follow because he posts his huge cock, his muscular frame, the soles of his feet, and some pretty hardcore stuff to his Twitter page that you have to see to believe. 

If he is giving that stuff away for free, we don’t know what on earth could be available behind the $9.99 subscription fee, but it has got to be good. Oscar loves to show off his body in leather, short shorts, and fully nude posts. Enjoy his live streams, his pre recorded porn videos, and nearly 900 pics of this foot loving male OnlyFans star.

#7. Tantan Evan – 18+ Gay Exclusive Top Male OnlyFans

@tantanevan LAW 1


  • 200+ media files
  • $15.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Evan is a tall, slim, and fit gay adult content creator, who is online often to post sensual porn. His page is filled with exclusive content that you will not find anywhere else. This Los Angeles native is a vers top who likes to give it just as much as he likes to take it. 

He has a gorgeous face, a super toned body, and smooth light brown skin that you just want to run your hands over. He lists his height as 6’1”, his weight at 188 lbs, his length at 7 inches, and his circumference as 5.5 inches. We don’t know about you, but we are dying to get a peek at that huge hog! To see what this OnlyFans male has going on down below, you have to subscribe to his page. We believe that it will be well worth the $15.99 per month fee.


#8. Call Me Papi – Top Male Only Fans with Hot Sex Tapes and Solo Content

@papikocic LAW 2


  • 2.7K fans
  • 650+ media files
  • $12.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Hey boys and girls, do you want to be used by a big, tall, and strong tattooed bisexual dom papi? Look no further than this next OnlyFans male. He wants to take you in all positions, and loves to get naughty during extended sexting sessions with his favorite fans. He will even send you dirty voice messages that you can listen to over and over. If you want to see what it looks like when he cums, he goes live every weekend for a free cum show.

Enjoy hot collabs with some of the best adult entertainers and models around, with boy on boy sex tapes, boy girl fucking, and threeways with three guys all at once. He also posts the hottest solo content, stroking his thick cock with abandon as you watch.

Subscribe and then look for exclusive content sent directly to your DMs. Most photos and videos are fully nude, so you can see every inch of him as he gets it on with guys and girls (or both). This prolific porn star has nearly 3K subscribers, so you know that whatever he is doing, he is doing it right. Let this top male OnlyFans performer dominate you. Subscribe now.

#9. Lukas – Explicit and Cute Male OnlyFans Page

@lukaslad LAW 1


  • 100+ media files
  • $4.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Get to know Lucas through his dirty page, his naughty pics, and his steamy chats and voice notes. This young cutie has made our list of the best male Only Fans because he is a very active and engaging adult entertainer who truly seems to enjoy his work. He updates his page every day with new and exclusive XXX content that is guaranteed to make you hard. 

His round juicy peach is featured front and center on his profile, so it is evident he knows how to show off his best … ASSets. Meet him in his DMs to chat one on one (make sure you add a tip in his DMs to get noticed first). 

He is very interested to hear all about what you like, and what kind of porn or adult content you want to see. Subscribe and turn on your auto-renew, and there will be a free weekly picture or video sent directly to your inbox.

#10.  Master.Baytes – Straight LGBTQ+-Friendly Hairy Man

@master.baytes LAW


  • 1.2K media files
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Chris Bayton (aka Master Baytes) is last on our top ten but is far from the least popular OnlyFans male creator, with 32.3 thousand likes. He is a dusky Welsh Italian boy who loves to post explicit content on his page, including full-length sex videos. 

Watch this hairy chested seductive king fuck in over 390 spicy videos and 770+ pictures. You will not have to wait long to see new and exclusive content from Chris, because he takes care to post new stuff regularly.

If you feel horny and want to chat with Chris one on one, he replies to every single message he gets on his page, so you can send your thoughts his way, day or night, and he will answer you the next time he goes online. Go ahead and send a request for a custom video to his DMs, he will consider doing whatever it is you ask him to, for the right price of course. This gentleman makes sure to reciprocate, so if you send him a tip, he will send you a little something special to say thank you.


FAQ’s About Guys on OnlyFans

Are Guys Also on OnlyFans? 

Yes, guys are definitely on OnlyFans, especially when it comes to bisexual and gay content. There are literally thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of men posting on this widely popular website. Men make up around twenty to twenty nine percent of the people who post and make money on the site, and they also make up about 69% of the paid subscribers on the site as well.

It is a completely viable way for guys to make money by selling nudes, pornography, and their other good content like BDSM play, vanilla sex with their wives, threesomes, dildo fucking, anal sex, cosplay content, or more SFW content like modeling pics, cooking videos, and workout content.

Many guys on OnlyFans get together in collabs with other male OnlyFans creators for an intense fuck session that gets posted on both of their pages. The point is that yes, there are a whole lot of men on the site doing a whole lot of fun and interesting things, and it is a great time to go ahead and subscribe to your top male Only Fans models and hot entertainers now.

Who Has Had the Highest Earning Male OnlyFans Account?

The man who has earned the most money on OnlyFans is a famous hip hop artist and TV personality, Tyga. He was only on the site for a short few years, and made over 7.6 million dollars in that time. He first opened his account after a leaked picture of him went viral online and he decided to take control over what type of sexual content was out there with him in it.

He has deleted his account, so it is yet to be seen if any other guy’s OnlyFans page will overtake that dollar amount. Two recent contenders are Safaree Samuels, a hip hop artist who used to date Nikki Miniaj, who made $1.91 million dollars in a single month, and Casanova, another hip hop artist who has made over a million so far posting his nudes and lewds to the site.

Do Straight Guys Make Money on OnlyFans?

Yes! Straight men can make a lot of money on OnlyFans. According to a recent poll, only 13% of male OnlyFans content is LGBTQ+ content. There is a huge audience for almost anything, from a hairy chested alpha male to a chubby stay at home hubby, so no matter what you are bringing to the table, you are bound to find somebody who wants to pay to see what you have to offer.

Of course, the wider net you cast, the more fish you will bring in, so it might be smart to make solo content that appeals to a broader audience including the gay and bi crowds. And the dirtier you get, the more you can usually charge (results differ depending on the community you build around your page).

Along with adult content, some of the most popular content that guys on OnlyFans are making money on include fitness, gaming, photography, and cooking, so you don’t even have to be a male OnlyFans porn star to get people to follow you and bring in the cash.

Why Do So Many Guys Pay for OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a unique site that differs in a few key ways from other porn sites that offer videos and naked pictures for free. The main difference between OnlyFans and a site like PornHub is that you can chat with the models, porn stars, and adult entertainers directly. Many content creators encourage their fans to message them, send dick pics and more, all things that many men simply cannot do in the “real world”. OnlyFans also has very niche content creators, so even if you are into things like feet, chubby girls, huge butts, gay sex, trans girls, or pretty much anything else, you will be able to find the exact thing you like to see.

Another key difference is that the sex workers actually want to be there. You know that everything posted on OnlyFans is consensual, and the people who post are in control of what goes online and how much they get paid for it. Some male OnlyFans subscribers feel better about knowing that the porn they are watching is made by people who are enjoying themselves and are in control of the situation.

How Do You Make Good Money as a Male OnlyFans Content Creator?

Starting a male OnlyFans account is as easy as logging in using your email, filling out your profile, posting some nude pics, jack off clips, cumshots, or hardcore porn videos, and then collecting the sweet cash from your incoming subscriptions and pay per view content. The percentage of male creators on the site is only at around 20%, so if you make your own account and work hard to build it up over a few months, you are very likely to do well.

Men are popular on OnlyFans, and are making an average of $1.5K and $7.5K per month, and 30% of the top one percent of all OnlyFans earners are men. In fact, if a male OnlyFans creator reaches 1000 followers, they are likely to earn more then 45% more than their female counterparts, which is usually betweek 15K and 100K monthly, depending on how many subscribers follow them.

So how do you gain those first thousand followers? It is actually quite simple. All you have to do is create your account, find a good niche that suits your looks, your personality, and your abilities, and then post consistent, high-quality content. Most popular OnlyFans guys say that the key to bringing more people to your page is to open up dedicated social media accounts on sites like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, where people can find you and get a small taste of what you offer on your page. That will be a great source of new subscribers for you.

You need to always keep in mind that your subscribers are paying real money to access your pictures and videos, so you want to make sure they feel like they are getting a good deal and are not being taken advantage of. Staying engaged with your fans is very important as well, as they are much more likely to stay around if they feel like they have a personal connection to you.

The top male OnlyFans creators always answer their messages, and they make sure it feels like it is a real person who is posting nudes, not a bot. With the millions of hours of free porn online, there needs to be a genuine connection to keep your fans coming back month after month. Along with subscription payments, most of the high-earning male OnlyFans models and porn stars make extra money by posting pay per view content, charging for sexting and custom content, setting up a tip menu, and charging people to watch sexy livestreams.

What Does OnlyFans Look Like on a Bank Statement?

To pay for OnlyFans, you need to add a credit card, as the site does not accept other forms of payment. For many this is no big deal, but some people might not want the other people in their lives to be able to see that they have been buying OnlyFans male nudes on the internet. On a bank statement, the site will show up as something like “OnlyFans”, “OF” or “Fenix International” as a descriptor (this depends on your credit card vendor).

You cannot hide it once the payment is taken, but the good news is that nobody but your banker will have any access to this information, and nobody except the account holder can request to know what you are spending your money on. If this is still a concern to you, you may want to use a prepaid VISA card, a virtual credit card, or a Vanilla gift card to pay for your OnlyFans content instead of your regular credit card.

Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Email?

No, OnlyFans creators do not see your email. They also cannot see your name, your personal information, or anything else at all, in fact, except the user name you have chosen for yourself, and the amount of money that you have spent on their subscriptions and their pay per view content. As long as you do not tell them anything personal about yourself in chats or comments on their page, your favorite content creator will not be able to learn anything about you at all.  


There are more guys on OnlyFans every day, and we are so thankful of that fact. No matter whether you want to see buff and hairless gymbros fucking each other, hot hairy bears masturbating, or naughty boy girl sex tapes, the top male Only Fans are online every day waiting for you to watch their stuff.

Men are surpassing the women in posting the best and most exciting daily content, with high-quality porn videos, HD nude modeling photos, clips of cumshots, full-length BDSM videos, and kinky XXX roleplay. You can see men’s feet, men’s asses, and of course big hard cocks.

If you like looking at naked men, what are you waiting for? There are ten thousand guys on OnlyFans who you can check out. Subscribe now!


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