Several Hurt in Multi-Vehicle Collision near Old Sonora Columbia Road

SONORA, CA (February 15, 2022) – A three-car crash on Highway 49 resulted in traffic backups and injuries, early Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities say the multi-vehicle accident happened around 1:08 p.m., near Old Sonora Columbia Road.

According to officers, the male driver of a 1987 Pontiac Fiero rear-ended a silver Lexus ES 300 occupied by two Columbia College students who were stopped on Highway 49 due to road work.

Shortly thereafter, the female driver of an orange Subaru Crosstrek struck the Lexus and flipped on top of both cars. Officials stated that the female driver refused an ambulance and instead took a taxi to the hospital.

The Pontiac’s male driver received minor injuries and remained on the site.

Meanwhile, both college students complained of back discomfort but refused to go to the hospital.

At this time, an active investigation to determine further details is still currently underway.

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