Injuries Reported after SUV Crashed into Tire Store

SAN BERNARDINO, CA (May 6, 2022) – Sunday afternoon, a vehicle crash on Yermo Road involving a SUV left several people hurt, police said.

According to a witness, he arrived at the scene around 1:30 p.m. Sunday, and a business employee informed him the deputy had been going about 140 mph.

Afterward, it hit a tiny left-hand bend, around 770 feet, and lost control of his own vehicle.

As a result, it struck two cars on the side of the road, forcing the vehicle to crash into the tire store.

In an email, the sheriff’s spokesman said several aspects surrounding the collision are still under investigation.

The deputy and “an employee at the repair shop” was minorly injured.

At this time, officials reopened the road between Knowles and McCormick Streets.

Police claimed the deputy was pursuing a suspect on Interstate 15, which runs parallel to Yermo Road to the north.

Officers reportedly informed the shop employee that the deputy was trying to avoid traffic on Interstate 15 by using a different on-ramp on Yermo Road.

San Bernardino County officials continue to investigate the crash.

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