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Photo By Kyle Mathany

Known for their positive reputation and award-winning products, both Seven Leaves and Zkittlez have been massive names in the cannabis industry for a while now.

Seven Leaves has been one of California’s most premiere indoor cultivation operations in recent years, offering various premium cannabis goods, including flowers, pre-rolls, and cartridges. Based in Sacramento, California, the company has been a “hub for indoor cannabis production.” Growing both their reputation and product catalog since 2008, Seven Leaves has been polishing their craft for over a decade, developing top-of-the-line products for sale across over 250 locations in California.

Seven Leaves’ team member in this collaboration, Zkittlez, has an equally prestigious background, boasting unique flavors of cannabis that have won over 90 awards, including multiple 1st place placements at Emerald Cup and Chalice California.

Together, Seven Leaves and Zkittlez plan to release five new strains or flavors of cannabis. So far, the team of cannabis companies has released “ZRUNTZ,” which has seen highly positive reviews from consumers within two weeks of release. Coming soon are the remaining four strains, called “Blooberry Zkittlez,” “Zlushi,” “Melon Brainz,” and “Hindu Zkittlez.”

Reportedly, Seven Leaves and Zkittlez plan to take their collaboration at a reasonable pace, leaving ample time to research consumer feedback and consider consumer suggestions. Both companies have a history of listening to their consumer base, which comes into play during the breeding and cultivation processes of new strains.

California consumers can be on the lookout for new Seven Leaves x Zkittlez products coming to cannabis dispensaries across the state in the near future.

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