Serial Entrepreneur Zach Collier Finds Success With Accumulated Millions In Acquisitions, Deals, And Startups

With a successful track record of accumulating millions through acquisitions, deals, and startups, Zach Collier is the perfect candidate for any business looking to make its next move. However, his success wasn’t always due to M&A in general; he has mostly grown organically with his very first two companies. The current business Collier is involved in, it’s compiled about 50% through mergers and acquisitions M&As. This serial entrepreneur has had the privilege of working with some amazing clients across the United States.

Collier’s vast knowledge and experience have made him an invaluable asset within his industry. Zach Collier is a successful young entrepreneur, as he has grown his previous two companies to 8 and 9 figures revenue. He now has over 15 M&A transactions completed within the industry. The third firm he is currently working with has a projected growth rate exceeding both of his previous startups.

Collier’s career in the Human Capital Management industry is extensive, owning companies that provide PEO, and staffing to the healthcare, industrial, and office professional segments. This includes managing over 40,000 employees nationwide across 40 states. Businesses that work on a Results-Oriented Caregiver Culture such as those managed by Zach, deliver value to their team while striving to produce results within an organization.

His ability to be an effective communicator with his team has led him to complete mergers and acquisitions of several businesses ranging from 8 to 9 figure revenue businesses in size while building the necessary infrastructure with growing companies and creating sustainable systems. His unique expertise is rooted in taking underperforming business models and turning them around, as well as turning a good business into a great one.

Collier has always been considered an entrepreneur that brings endless amounts of energy and passion to any project or task that he takes on. He is known for his ability to stay positive and motivated no matter what obstacles come in his way, which greatly contributes to his success as a leader who truly cares about the people he works with and the businesses he creates. With this mentality, along with his talent and creativity, Collier believes nothing stops him from making a lasting impact on the world we live in today.

“Achieving success in life and business is a result of hard work and determination. Come from where you may, with the right attitude, it holds true that anything can happen. The power to achieve your dreams lies within ourselves as well.

Whether we have money does not affect how successful each person will be on this earth. Surrounding ourselves with people who are just like us or even better than us makes all avenues possible for growth which leads us down paths paved with destiny.” – Zach A. Collier says.

Collier is a successful entrepreneur with a history of growing his two companies to 8 and 9 figures. He now has over 15 M&A transactions completed and sits on the board of directors for several businesses, including an appointment by Governor of Florida to assist in regulatory oversight within the PEO industry.

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