Serene Tree Cannabis Review: Black Friday Sale Early Access

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Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill, the cannabis industry has greatly changed from the strict guidelines, to now allowing a broad spectrum of cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant to come to market. Top companies like Serene Tree that have grown from selling CBD to now becoming a top ranking and best reviewed company online for all things Delta-8-9-10 & THC-O products. These cannabinoids are of course being some prime examples of new legal avenues for other hemp companies to explore under the protection of the 2018 Farm Bill. As we scope out some ways that canna culture has shifted, we will also dive right into some of the big ways that companies like Serene Tree are changing the landscape with innovative new ideas and products that are of the highest quality, organic, small batch and all things consumer oriented.

Delta-9 THC is the most popular of the cannabinoids as its traditionally just called marijuana, however due to the ability to derive the compounds from the hemp plant, these different forms of THC are now legal under federal law so long as they remain under 0.03% of Delta-9 THC in accordance with its dried weight. The biggest difference we can say between traditional Delta-9 THC and hemp derived Delta-9 THC is simply how it may affect individuals. The psychotropic effects are similar however slightly lowered on the hemp derived version, and the same can be said for the other common effects of Delta-9 THC that many of us know about, however once again, the legal difference is that as long as it contains under the legal limit of Delta-9 THC and is derived from the hemp plant, the legal gray area protects these types of products and leaves room for companies like Serene Tree to bring innovative products and services to market.

Many of us know the term farm to table service, however Serene Tree has now brought the concept to a whole new level with farm to hemp derived cannabis being delivered legally straight to your front door with the help of USPS and other mainstream shipping carriers. The days of hiding cannabis in your package are over, as Serene Tree even includes a letter to law enforcement inside every package that they ship out with a QR code proving the legality of your newly purchased cannabis. This has come in very handy when they’re shipping out the first ever hemp derived weed subscription box. With over a thousand 5 star reviews on YouTube and from customers, Serene Tree is solidifying themselves as a leading hemp company early on in the game as the most reviewed company on social media or online in general. If you’re interested, check out and subscribe to their YouTube channel so you can see their newest videos as they’re one of the only companies that even have an active channel in this space.

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Whether you’re someone looking to try out cannabis products for the first time, or you’re a seasoned veteran, these new legal products are extremely accessible and great options to try out. Serene Tree offers some of the best reviewed Delta-THC flower, gummies, concentrates, tinctures, cartridges, and vape juices. Anything that is traditionally at a dispensary can now be delivered to your door within a few days and without the ultra high costs of a dispensary due to not having to pay for rent on a high priced location, they pass that savings onto their customers. Southern California grown, organic, small batch cannabis that’s handled by hand every step of the way until it leaves their facility and lands on your doorstep.

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If you’re looking for the best cannabis deal online, check out their Black Friday sale that they’re releasing early just for us. 50% off their entire site, including their subscription boxes that locks you in at that price. Get their Delta-9 THC flower or try out their new line of THC disposables. Just use Code:LA50” to get 50% off their site until November 30th. Completely exclusive to L.A Weekly readers. Cheers!

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