Sep Pouresa – Influencing Dentists to Be More Innovative and Enthusiastic

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A dentist’s tools include technical proficiency, interpersonal skills, time management, proper behavior, and medical competence, all of which must consist of medical professionalism. Clinical excellence can only be achieved by medical professionals who uphold the highest standards of morality and ethics, including altruism, empathy, respect for human life, and integrity.

Professionalism is a collection of attitudes and behaviors that form the cornerstone of any services an individual provides to society. The development of an improper professional identity among doctors poses a severe risk to morals, medical practice, and the standard of care. Every profession has a set of morals based on the duties it carries out. A lack of professional motivation to serve humanity, a lack of reflection on the subjectivity of human nature, and violations of the Hippocratic Oath are all associated with the behavioral problems that plague doctors. However, some doctors and medical professionals maintain high moral, ethical, and professional standards.

Dr. Pouresa, renowned for his daily 4 a.m. routine of rigorous exercise before seeing patients, was also pursuing a residency at the University of the Pacific to enhance his skills with surgical and aesthetic procedures. Growing up in Canada, his love of exercise and dentistry inspired him to pursue a kinesiology degree and a dental doctorate while receiving the Lieutenant Governor’s award for his community service and philanthropy.

A doctor with an in-depth understanding of the medical sciences applies and dedicates his expertise to determining the patient’s medical issue before using his abilities to treat the underlying causes. The emotional and physical well-being of people depends on their dental health. Dentists must genuinely care about their patients while giving the treatments they require to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Sep Pouresa as an Instagram Influencer

Sep Pouresa is a Canadian dentist, kinesiologist, and men’s physique competitor. On his Instagram account, @dr.spouresa, he frequently shares lifestyle content. Sep Pouresa, born on December 30, 1994, is from Montreal. While pursuing his Doctor of Dental Medicine at McGill University, he became aware of the lack of work-life balance. He then started his career as a social media influencer, focusing on sharing his fitness knowledge and experience. Pouresa can speak English, Persian, French, and Italian with proficiency. He offers guidance on effective tooth brushing, flossing, cleaning, maintaining healthy gums, and other dental care practices.

The Honorable J. Michel Doyon presented Pouresa with the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal during his last year of kinesiology degree.  This honor highlighted his exceptional contribution to the Canadian community.

Dr. Pouresa developed a significant fan base on social media due to his active participation. His followers have access to periodic updates on nutrition advice for maintaining consistency and improving health. Pouresa also uses the medium to interact regularly with his followers. He encourages health and work-life balance by fusing fitness and dental health issues.

Sep Pouresa’s Recognition in the International Natural Bodybuilding Association

The men’s physique competitor, dentist, and kinesiologist has recognized himself in the International Natural Bodybuilding Association. For bodybuilders that refrain from using performance-enhancing chemicals, there are numerous competitions called “natural bodybuilding.” The use of substances like anabolic steroids, insulin, diuretics, and human growth hormones is wholly prohibited in these competitions. Pouresa encouraged people to put their health and well-being first so that they can be a positive influence on their loved ones, clients, and patients.

Additionally, Dr. Pouresa belongs to the California Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Association. His contributions to the community have received widespread recognition, as evidenced by the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal and his publications in the Health & Fitness Journal of Canada.

Dr. Sep Pouresa’s Claim to Fame

Because of his unique style, he gained popularity in a fiercely competitive world. He encourages his patients with his lively personality and intelligence. Dr. Pouresa’s interest in dentistry developed when he was 14 years old and had the chance to help one of his friends’ mothers with some rehabilitation cases. He was impressed with her work, which significantly increased his interest in the profession.

Dr. Sep Pouresa is well-known for his work and success in two talents, which he successfully balances. Many periodicals have featured his work, including Generation Iron, Forbes People, The Entrepreneurs Herald, NYC Journal, Fox43, Top 20 Dentist Disruptors Magazine,, Nebraska News, Colorado Magazine, and much more. By setting an example through his behavior and actions, he influences dentists to be more innovative and enthusiastic in their professional and personal lives.

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