Senior Explains Why It’s Important to Always Dream Big

For all of the advances in science, technology, and the increasing understanding of the world around us, it’s strange how much we still have to learn about dreams. While evidence suggests that our relationship with dreaming has changed over time, we still can’t say for certain why we dream. What we can say, however, is that dreaming has a lot of power over the material world, both the dreaming that happens during the night and the one people do in their waking hours.

Dreamers have shaped this world. Anything from electricity to vehicles to the internet was created and built by people who have had a different vision for the future and the role people play in it. Still, with history and technological development progressing as much as they have in the 21st century, it might sometimes seem that it’s getting more and more difficult to dream up really big things; so much has already been dreamed up. Senior, a Canadian musician and entrepreneur, wants everyone to continue dreaming big.

One of the reasons why Senior, musician, is a fan of dreaming big and being ambitious is because there’s an increasing number of fields where people can put their inner genius to work. As an entrepreneur and musician, Senior knows all too well how great it is to exercise both the creative and the business muscles and find ways to integrate fundamental values into both and get them to work toward making his vision come true.

Whether he’s working on creating decentralized businesses or expressing his rawest emotions through his music, Senior’s activities are very much in line with the big dream he has for himself and the world. Of course, it’s important to note that the world has never been so welcoming to people’s big dreams and ideas either, which is another reason why Senior, musician, wants people to continue dreaming big.

When someone has a great idea, finding a way to see it to fruition is easier now than it has ever been. Musicians, Senior could attest, can take care of everything on their own, without the need for a record company. They can produce, publish, and promote their music from their bedrooms with little more than a computer. Businesspeople can easily find like-minded individuals to start ventures with, and finding funding isn’t as difficult as it used to be.

Finally, what Senior, musician, wants to draw everyone’s attention to is just how motivating having big dreams can be. People can be creative, business-minded, or purely technical—it doesn’t really matter. There are paths available for anyone, with paragons ready to provide guidance with their lives’ work as an example.

It’s not just the Steve Jobses or Elon Musks of the world, either. What constitutes “big” will depend on particular circumstances. For many people, the big dream is to have that house with the white picket fence and a dog, and that’s perfectly fine, too. People get to decide what’s big for them. As long as their dream gives them strength and helps them power through the tough times, they’ll be even bigger than just big.

LA Weekly