Secret Nature CBD Review: The original indoor CBD flower brand

Secret Nature CBD has over ten years of experience in cultivating premium quality hemp flower and earned well over 10,000 five-star reviews along the way, making them one of the most well-loved and respected brands in the CBD flower market.

But that’s not all they have on offer. Over the years this brand has evolved into one that we can now also happily recommend for their extracts too. This Secret Nature CBD review highlights some of my favorite products from their range.

Secret Nature CBD review: Summary

Whether you’re looking for smoking and vaping products, gummies, or a full spectrum tincture to boost your health and wellness, Secret Nature CBD is now producing extremely high quality products in all of these areas. 

If you don’t have time to read the full review, here’s what you can expect when shopping with Secret Nature CBD.


  • Fantastic variety of exotic CBD flower strains
  • Consistent, outstanding flower quality
  • Pungent terpene and cannabinoid profiles
  • Smooth-smoking pre rolls
  • Entire range offers full spectrum benefits
  • Unique and effective hemp oil formula
  • Highly effective Delta 8 line-up of products
  • Strain-specific vaping products
  • Versatile, low-dose Delta 9 gummies (perfect for microdosing)
  • Third-party lab testing conducted on every single product


  • Not all their products are purity tested
  • Don’t offer information on strain lineage
  • Vape carts aren’t labeled with strain (disposables are)
  • Pricier than some other brands

Secret Nature CBD product reviews

Secret Nature has been producing top-quality, indoor-grown hemp flower and pre rolls for a number of years now, but they’ve now also added a premium quality full spectrum tincture to their line-up, as well as some very tasty and effective CBD and THC gummies.

Here are some of my old and new favorites for you to choose from.

Secret Nature CBD Flower

If you enjoy vaping or smoking hemp flower, for medical or recreational purposes, then get ready for Secret Nature CBD to be your new favorite brand. Time and time again, they get awards for their outstanding quality and they have dominated the CBD flower market for years now.

They’re constantly updating their exotic strain menu with new, tasty chemovars, and I’ve literally never had a bad or even slightly disappointing batch. I tried five of their new strains recently and each one had me drooling with anticipation as soon as I tore open the bag.

My two stand-out favorites from the bunch were Frosted Kush and Mr. Rainbow.

Frosted Kush

As one of my all-time favorite indica strains, I was excited to try Secret Nature’s latest batch of Frosted Kush and it didn’t disappoint. Over the years I’ve tried Frosted Kush from a number of different vendors and, while I always enjoy the taste and effects, no-one does it better than Secret Nature CBD.

As expected, it does come with a heftier price-tag, but the indoor-grown quality is more than worth the extra cost as, in comparison, the resulting cannabinoid and terpene content far exceeds other versions on the market.

Secret Nature used to package their flower in tins, but it looks like they’ve switched it up as this latest batch came in resealable mylar bags. The pungent aromas were leaping out of the bag before I’d even got it open properly but once I had, the buds offered tons of visual appeal too, being of an impressive size and covered with sparkly, sticky trichomes.

I felt very impatient taking photos of the flower (it seemed to take ages!) as all I really wanted to do was try it out! When I finally did get to try it, I was bowled over by the pungent, gassy flavors which tasted earthy, sweet, and tangy, all at the same time.

The effects of Frosted Kush are also right up my alley as I feel really calm and relaxed, but not totally couch-locked, so I can still get things done if I need to. I found this strain to be an awesome mood booster too, like I’m floating around on a cloud and nothing can bring me down.

I cannot recommend this strain highly enough for the taste and effects. I love it.

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Mr. Rainbow

Mr. Rainbow is a delightful hybrid strain that I’ve not had the pleasure of trying before now. The buds are slightly smaller and denser than Frosted Kush but the aromas and flavors are just as pungent and drool-worthy, this time reminiscent of candy and cookies with fruity, spicy undertones, as expected of a haze strain like this.

I found Mr. Rainbow to be one of the most well-balanced hybrid strains I’ve ever come across, making it an ideal choice for daytime and nighttime use. After smoking it I feel uplifted and focused but with a peaceful sense of calm.

Where this strain really does show off, however, is within the body. It has this amazing ability to loosen up all your muscles and joints without making you feel heavy or lazy at all. Very lovely indeed.

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Secret Nature CBD pre rolls

Pre rolls offer an incredibly easy and convenient solution for people that enjoy smoking hemp flower but don’t always have the time, know-how, or inclination to roll their own joints. I’m a sucker for their convenience and, because of this, always tend to run out of pre rolls before anything else.

This latest batch of Secret Nature CBD pre rolls confirmed what I already knew about Secret Nature to be honest, that they really are artisans of their craft. It almost pains me to say that I’ve been rolling and smoking my own joints for nearly 30 years and Secret Nature is still better at it than me.

They come very well packaged in a little baggy, to keep them fresh, which sits within a box, to keep them from getting crushed.

They smoke evenly and smoothly every time with no side burning at all. They also taste incredibly fresh, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one company that rolls in small batches to keep them that way. I’ve cut several of their pre rolls open in the past and can confirm that they use (what looks like) 100% pure, fresh-ground hemp flower, so that’s probably one of the main reasons why they taste and smoke so well.

I’ve been sent thousands of pre rolls in the past that don’t taste anywhere near as good as these ones, so if you like smoking and don’t mind paying a bit extra for the convenience of pre rolls, I highly recommend you try out Secret Nature CBD’s perfect pre rolls.

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Secret Nature CBD full spectrum tincture

Secret Nature’s full spectrum tincture is released under the brand name REM (Real Earth Medicine). It is USDA certified organic and each 30ml bottle contains a highly unique formula of 1,500 mg of CBD (60 X 25 mg servings), as well as shilajit, mistletoe, and black seed oil.

I’ve heard lots of great things about black seed oil over the last couple of years, but I’d not comes across shilajit before and have only ever associated mistletoe with kissing under, but as it turns out all three of these ingredients add their own unique properties to the full spectrum tincture, resulting in a highly therapeutic formula that can greatly benefit your health by relieving anxiety, improving focus, and boosting your overall wellness.


Shilajit is great for endurance, digestive and gut health, heart health, male reproductive health, and for relieving anxiety and stress. It is also a powerful antioxidant that promotes the absorption of nutrients into your body.

Mistletoe (derived from the Celtic word meaning all heal) is used traditionally to help you relax, as it lowers cortisol (stress hormone), boosts the immune system, and improves respiratory and heart health.

Black seed oil is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that is best known for helping to soothe symptoms of asthma, improve brain and gastrointestinal health, and lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

I started taking a single serving in the morning each day and found that I had a wonderful sense of calm and clear-headedness that lasted all day long. With no added preservatives, fillers, or artificial ingredients, this is a 30ml bottle of pure goodness which I highly recommend you try as a nootropic.

Please note that many of the ingredients in this formula (CBD, shilajit, and mistletoe) are known for helping to lower blood pressure, so people suffering from low blood pressure may want to consult a physician before taking this product. It is one of the best full spectrum CBD oils I have tried after years in the business.

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Secret Nature Delta 8 products

If you, like many other Americans, enjoy the softer, milder buzz that comes from Delta 8 THC over Delta 9 THC, then you should check out Secret Nature’s Delta 8 product line-up, which includes some very effective Delta 8 disposable vapes, carts, pre rolls, and blunts. Delta 8 is also a product that gets you buzzed legally in (almost) all states – Read more here.

I usually prefer my Delta 8 in vape or gummy format as I’ve always found that smoking it is a little harsh for my tastes, but I’ve found that Secret Nature’s Delta 8 blunts and pre rolls are much easier on the throat than most brands, which must have something to do with the way their Delta 8 flower is made.

I usually like to enjoy their pre rolls on the weekends I’m home and find that one pre roll split into two or three sessions makes for a very enjoyable and relaxing Friday night. And when I combine one of these pre rolls with a couple of beers, I also get a very giggly and happy high.

I also really like Secret Nature’s Delta 8 vaping products because unlike many options out there, they don’t contain any nasty fillers, additives, or cutting agents. They’re also strain specific, so you can enjoy any given strain’s natural terpenes and flavors without the combustion that would come from smoking.

I do prefer their disposables over their vape carts (sorry environment) as they’re small and discreet, which makes them really handy for taking out and about with you. Plus, they’re labeled with their strain info so it’s easy to tell them apart from my CBD disposables.

At the time of writing, Secret Nature’s vape carts aren’t labeled so it makes them a bit more difficult to tell apart. I’ve tried using stickers but they keep falling off, so I recommend using tape that goes all the way round and sticks back on itself (or magic markers might work!). I don’t mind getting mixed up with different strains or other brands, but I don’t want to vape Delta 8 by accident when I’m hoping for CBD one day!

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Secret Nature CBD review: The final word

To me, Secret Nature CBD will always be best known for its superior CBD flower and pre rolls, but as this company expands its product range, it continues to impress me. The product line-up is unique, thoughtful, and effective, making them stand out in a particularly crowded market.

My top recommendations from Secret Nature include their smokable hemp flower (and pre rolls), their full spectrum CBD tincture, and their strain-specific Delta 8 disposable vapes. But, in all honesty, I haven’t tried anything from this company that didn’t work in the way it was supposed to, so follow your heart and choose the products that suit you best.

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