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Can Preservationists Save L.A.'s Late Modernist Landmarks From the Wrecking Ball?

2 years ago by Mimi Zeiger
An unlikely cadre of preservationists is ensuring that L.A.’s gems of late Modernist architecture aren’t lost to the dustbin of history

Some Are Aghast That a Los Angeles Times Building Could Be Razed

3 years ago by Dennis Romero
The Los Angeles Times' downtown headquarters is a hodgepodge of five buildings, not all of them pretty. The paper's oldest building, a Moderne, 1935 structure designed by Gordon B. Kaufmann of Hoover Dam fame, is beloved for its deco-era majesty and for its Globe Lobby, adorned with towering Hugo Ballin murals...

Los Angeles: June, 2002

16 years ago by Dominic Sicilia
(Dominic Sicilia is a former' advertising and promotion executive in, the music industry. At the time of this article's publishing, he was a businessman, writer and editor-at-large of the L.A. Weekly.) IT IS THE FIRST SATURDAY of summer, as ever a day of liberation for kids. But for the fourth...

Forever Fabulous

20 years ago by Steven Mikulan
Photo by Kevin AckermanDUSK, LOS ANGELES. A THOUSAND CARS ARE JOINING THE rush-hour conga lines of traffic fleeing downtown's office center. Soon the streets will be deserted of men with briefcases, and the sky emptied of corporate helicopters -- to be replaced by the occasional urban hawk searching, in the...


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