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A Recipe From the Chef: Thi Tran's Braised Coconut Pork

9 years ago by Noah Galuten
In Part 2 of our recent interview with Starry Kitchen's Thi Tran, the chef referred to her Vietnamese braised coconut pork as her favorite dish on her menu. It's easy to see why. Braised pork is a wonderful thing in almost any form, but the coconut adds a lightness and...

Q & A With Starry Kitchen's Thi Tran: How to Go From Dallas, to Advertising, to Running a Professional Kitchen

9 years ago by Noah Galuten
If you want to open a successful restaurant in Los Angeles, you need a smart concept, a trained chef, a carefully chosen location, and a lot of money. That's what we all used to think anyway. Thi and Nguyen Tran, the couple behind Starry Kitchen, did things a little differently...

Q & A With Starry Kitchen's Thi Tran Part 2: Cooking, Eating, and Maybe Even a New Starry Kitchen

9 years ago by Noah Galuten
In Part 1 of our interview with Starry Kitchen's Thi Tran, Tran talked to us about her previous career in advertising, the restaurant she started out of her apartment, how it got shut down by the health department, and how it all lead to her current downtown restaurant. For Part...

Nguyen Tran: The Potty-Mouthed Restaurateur With a Flair for the Dramatic

9 months ago by Paul Hodgins
Perhaps because he spent some time in the film industry, restaurateur Nguyen Tran has always set himself apart from the foodie pack with his unerring flair for the dramatic.
Best Of Winner

Best Restaurant/Arcade

Button Mash

2 years ago by Besha Rodell
There's something about Button Mash and its dinging, ringing energy, about the mix of customers, old and young and hip and dorky and unpredictably diverse in the best possible way, that is massively appealing, even if you're not here for the impressive collection of old-school video games. The restaurant/arcade is...

Button Mash's Double Cheeseburger Is an Old-School Beauty

3 years ago by Garrett Snyder
As a hybrid bar/restaurant/arcade, Echo Park’s Button Mash operates far more fluidly than it should. Spend a quarter or two on Street Fighter or NBA Jam while you wait for a table, sit down for dinner as you would at any other hip (and loud) gastropub, then end the night...

Best Restaurant Site, Maximalist: Starry Kitchen

8 years ago by Keith Plocek
Starry Kitchen’s Tumblr site has the requisite menu and contact info placed front and left of center, but currently there are 66 pages of so much more. Photos of meatball curry compete for space with a YouTube embed of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Cecilia,” and don’t get us started on the...

Starry Kitchen Reopens At Tiara Cafe

7 years ago by Clarissa Wei
Less than a month after they closed down their Cal Plaza restaurant, the husband and wife duo behind Starry Kitchen, Nguyen and Thi Tran, reopened last Thursday inside Fred Eric's Tiara Cafe. The new menu boasts family-friendly entrees including Malaysian chicken curry, crispy tofu balls (a crossover from their old...

8 Best Restaurants for Chicken Wings in L.A.

2 years ago by Heather Platt
Everyone’s favorite dive bar food is growing up, no longer just the florescent orange bits of mystery meat with a side of limp celery and carrots that usually come to mind.


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