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Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic


Labia, Sarah Silverman, Phantom of the Opera and more!

10 years ago by LA Weekly
FRIDAY, JANUARY 23 THEATER The Great White Pacific Coast Highway Face it, you’re not jetting off to the Big Apple to catch Liza (closed), Hairspray (closed), Chicago (long gone) or Cats (ditto) any time soon. But maybe you can afford a few gallons of gas and a ticket for Forbidden...

Last Night: Comedy Is Dead featuring Sarah Silverman @ Hollywood Forever

10 years ago by Nicole Campos
Comedy in a cemetery. A novel concept, inspired, even; what's going to stand any chance of waking the dead more than a really good joke?  Kind of gives "rolling in his grave" a whole new meaning.  One problem - where do you put the spot?  Not a problem at Hollywood...

Sarah Silverman's Obama Vibrator and 9 Other Things We Saw at UCB's Comedy Yard Sale

2 years ago by Siran Babayan
Over the weekend, UCB hosted its inaugural two-day Comedy Yard Sale benefiting the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. The Sunset Boulevard theater’s Inner Sanctum Café was packed from wall to wall with all manner of treasures, oddities and junk, from clothes, shoes, art, books, video games and comedy...

Sarah Silverman's Quiet Terror and True Beauty Fill the Screen in I Smile Back

3 years ago by Stephanie Zacharek
Comedy isn't the champagne of bottled beers; it's Champagne, period, a delicate and perfect achievement in itself when it works. That's why it's frustrating when great comic performers feel compelled to prove themselves in what we so solemnly call dramatic roles. The scarily brilliant Robin Williams stumbled into love-me mawkishness...

The Tangled Web We Watch: InSAYSHAble's Main Character Combines Sarah Silverman With Ace Ventura

6 years ago by Stephanie Carrie
Saysha Grabinski, the charmingly obnoxious protagonist of the award-winning web series InSAYSHAble, is a hot-headed, horny nutjob willing to throw all social norms to the wind in pursuit of a job for a day and a cock for a night. She's a wacky antihero: Sarah Silverman meets Ace Ventura. InSAYSHAble,...


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