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L.A. Weekly Arthouse Picks: Another Manson Movie, and More

13 days ago by Nate Bell
L.A. Weekly's arthouse, indie and limited engagement/retrospective screening movie picks this week include: Charles Says, General Magic, Non-Fiction, Professor and Madman, and The Terminator.

Stage Raw: Sarah, Sarah

9 years ago by Steven Leigh Morris
COMPREHENSIVE THEATER LISTINGSNEW THEATER REVIEWSCURRENT STAGE FEATURE ON Photo courtesy of West Coast Jewish Theatre In playwright Daniel Goldfarb's family drama, the generation gap is not so much of a gap as it is a gaping crevasse. In 1961, fearsome Jewish mama Sarah Grosberg (played by Cheryl David with battle-axe...



12 Best Music Shows in L.A. This Week

8 months ago by L.A. Weekly
Los Angeles is a hotbed of live music, and L.A. Weekly is here to help navigate this embarrassment of riches. From Grammy-nominated DJ Zhu to a showcase for fierce female artists, '60s and '90s bands from across the pond, and a benefit to raise awareness for climate change, here are the 12 best music shows in L.A. this week.

John Stezaker, Sarah Charlesworth

13 years ago by Peter Frank
The collages kinda look like a cross between John Baldessari and Llyn Foulkes, with a dash of early Sherrie Levine and Richard Prince (both of whom knew his work back when) thrown in for good measure; but John Stezaker’s small black-and-white silhouette superpositions and split-down-the-middle face-montages come from a different...

100 Days of Concerts to Fill Your Summer Calendar

11 months ago by Paul Rogers
L.A. Weekly's comprehensive Summer Concert Guide: 100 Days of Concerts will help you plan your musical outings from now through Sept. 15. It's an entire season's worth of musical exploration and excitement.

Summer Movie Guide: L.A. Weekly's Top 12 Picks for Must-See Flicks

12 months ago by David Weiner
This summer, audiences can expect a healthy dose of sequels and spinoffs, superheroes and spies, and some quality character dramas, with a few more eye-opening documentaries. To help you cut through the clutter, L.A. Weekly shines the spotlight on 12 films that we can’t wait to watch.

Theater New Reviews: Tooth and Nail, Sarah Sarah, Canned Ham

9 years ago by Steven Leigh Morris
BAD DATES During Act 1 of Theresa Rebeck's monodrama, Haley Walker (Samara Frame) seems to be an addle-pated fashionista with a passion for shoes to rival Imelda Marcos. As a single mother, she has parlayed her way into a job managing a restaurant (and money-laundering operation) run by Romanian Mafia...

Top 10 Homegrown L.A. Jazz Artists

1 year ago by Jonny Whiteside
Los Angeles doesn’t get enough credit as a natural jazz locus. Nonetheless, it has produced some of the idiom’s very finest practitioners. During the 1940s, Central Avenue was one of American music’s most critical creative crossroads.

Last Night: Linda Hamilton, Danny Elfman, Radiohead and other Terminator Salvation Sneak Preview News

10 years ago by Erin Broadley
I've always felt a certain connection to John Connor. Sure, in 1984 when The Terminator hit theaters I was a toddler and he was unborn, but after Terminator 2: Judgment Day was released in 1991, I too was arrested for liberating incarcerated lobsters in a Kentucky grocery store felt ready...


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