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L.A. Weekly Movie Pick: "Liberating Hollywood" Celebrates Female Filmmakers

2 months ago by Nathaniel Bell
A new series at UCLA’s Billy Wilder Theater honors the women who, riding the crest of second-wave feminism, made their mark on 1970s cinema.

The Front Runner Exposes the Heart of a Political Sex Scandal

4 months ago by Bilge Ebiri
This is less a film about Gary Hart — who, as played by Jackman, remains something of an enigma — than one about the operatives and volunteers and journalists swirling around his candidacy.

Patrick Wang’s Sprawling, Hilarious A Bread Factory Is One of the Year’s Great Films

5 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
A Bread Factory at times suggests, in its nimble comic portraiture within a sprawling milieu, in its spirited blend of naturalism and sketch comedy, the work of Richard Linklater, Christopher Guest, Robert Altman and Edward Yang

The Extraordinary Hal Surveys the Heart of a Great Director

6 months ago by Bilge Ebiri
None of Ashby’s movies were remotely autobiographical — the projects often were instigated by other, bigger names such as Warren Beatty and Jane Fonda — and yet he still found something surprisingly personal in the material.

The Evolution and Revolutions of the Stoner Film

1 year ago by Marvin Miranda
Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke (1978) set the framework for the stoner film. As early as 1980, however, tweaks to that formula created some of the more interesting examples of cannabis consumption put on film.

18 Best Things to Do in L.A. This Week

1 year ago by LA Weekly
A gravy-sopped sandwich anniversary, a Latino-specific comic book convention, an especially special edition of the Special Occasionally Show, and more fun stuff to do and see in L.A. this week. fri 11/10 Two L.A. institutions claim to have invented the French dip sandwich: Cole's, "Originators of the French Dip," on...

19 Best Things to Do in L.A. This Week

2 years ago by LA Weekly
A Marilyn Monroe-themed pool party, a tribute to Johnny Ramone, the return of Politicon, and more fun stuff to do and see in L.A. this week. fri 7/28 Under the banner BalletNOW, New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck curated this assemblage of dancers from Britain's Royal Ballet, American Ballet...

Stellar Thriller Always Shine Exposes an Industry That Turns Women Against Each Other

2 years ago by April Wolfe
Nice girls play by the rules. They turn their shoulders inward and nibble on the ends of their slim fingers, nervous about all those difficult thoughts in their heads. And their hair is always perfect and feathery like a baby bird on a collector's plate. If this description sounds angry,...

Big 10-Year Anniversary Movie Trivia Contest

4 years ago by Sean J. O'Connell
Movie nerds are not hard to come by in L.A.. Valets in this town can list the complete works of Robert Altman. Those valets should head to the Big 10-Year Anniversary Movie Trivia Contest at the Aero for a chance to win free tickets for a year and a night...


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