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LAPPL President Paul Weber: Next Chief Needs To Be 'People Person'

10 years ago by Patrick Range McDonald
Los Angeles Daily News reporter Rick Orlov wrote yesterday that the Los Angeles Police Commission is now searching "in earnest" for LAPD chief Bill Bratton's replacement."There are at least six candidates who will be interviewed on Wednesday and Thursday - and they are said to include some from outside the...

Is There Room in the Fine Art World for Marnie Weber's Monsters?

2 years ago by Jennifer Swann
Marnie Weber is haunted by the ghosts of her past creations. The gaggle of perverse characters she’s invented over the last three decades always seem to creep back into her work, appearing first in performances and photographs and reemerging, sometimes years later, in films and collages. “In a Jungian sense,...

A Bastille Day Salute to French-Owned Art Galleries in L.A.

9 months ago by Shana Nys Dambrot
Americans have acquired an appreciation for Bastille Day over the years. In honor of the spirit of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity our sister holidays represent, we thought we'd take a moment to appreciate the presence of French-owned galleries that are currently helping make the L.A. art world the vibrant international place we know and love.

100 Days of Concerts to Fill Your Summer Calendar

10 months ago by Paul Rogers
L.A. Weekly's comprehensive Summer Concert Guide: 100 Days of Concerts will help you plan your musical outings from now through Sept. 15. It's an entire season's worth of musical exploration and excitement.

19 Best Things to Do in L.A. This Week

1 year ago by LA Weekly
Pop culture website Vulture hosts its first-ever L.A. festival, the Doo Dah Parade rolls through Pasadena, Manuela hosts a ceiling-optional Thanksgiving dinner and more to do and see in L.A. this week.

The Unsung Songwriters Who Helped Make Appetite for Destruction a Classic

2 years ago by Matt Wake
Only hardcore fans know their names, but Chris Weber and West Arkeen's contributions to Guns N' Roses' early records were invaluable. Here's what happened to them post-"Appetite."

Where's Izzy: Searching for the GNR Reunion's Missing Person

3 years ago by Art Tavana
Izzy Stradlin now lives where nothing moves. While his old gang reunites for a world tour, the co-founder of Guns N' Roses is semi-retired in California’s secluded Mayberry: the quaint Ojai Valley. He’s holed up there in a midcentury home hidden behind a wrought-iron gate and hot pink rose bushes;...

Showgirls 2 -- Penny's From Heaven: Rena Riffel's New Spoof of Paul Verhoeven's, Err, Classic

8 years ago by Pamela Chelin
Everyone remembers the infamous scene from 1995 cult classic Showgirls in which Cristal Connors (actress Gina Gershon) gazes into the eyes of Nomi Malone (actress Elizabeth Berkley) and says, "You see, darlin', you are a whore." Though the notoriously so-awful-it's-great film seems like a parody these days, there's a new...

Los Angeles 911 Operators Stage Sickout

9 years ago by Dennis Romero
More than 80 Los Angeles city 911 operators staged a sickout Friday to protest furloughs and budget cuts that took effect Thursday as part of the city's new fiscal-year budget, a representative of the Los Angeles police union confirmed to LA Weekly. Tweets went out to the police union's leader,...

L.A. Thieves Are Jacking up Your Car For an Easy Score

5 years ago by Dennis Romero
Car burglars are after an essential piece of your car. The catalytic converter, required by federal and state law as part of your emissions system, can contain valuable platinum, palladium, rhodium or gold. Quick-rip artists are on the rise in the West Valley and greater Mid-City areas, the LAPD warns. If...


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