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Mumbai Diaries

8 years ago by Simon Abrams
MUMBAI DIARIES Mumbai Diaries — a new Indian indie written and directed by Kiran Rao that's kind of about a romantic rich man/rich girl/poor boy love triangle, but mostly about vanishing culture in Mumbai — is sadly only as interesting as its peripheral details. Star Aamir Khan, who also produced...

Mumb-ai Chihuahua

10 years ago by David Chute
It feels like the perfect time to be writing about Bollywood. Hardly a week goes by without some brazen new act of synergy being committed, like the news that DreamWorks SKG is getting bankrolled by the Indian company Reliance-ADA. There are some worrying indications for the future of this rapprochement,...
Best Of Winner

Best Mumbai Street Food

Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se

Eateries in Artesia's Little India offer a rich and broad variety of South Asian cuisine. But none surpasses Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se for its authentic street food of Mumbai — that's Bombay to you English colonialist types. This simple, clean place in a strip mall has scrumptious dahi batata puri...

A Taste of Paan, Mumbai's Favorite Stimulant, in Little India

3 years ago by Garrett Snyder
If you’ve never tried paan — a post-meal mainstay at social gathering and banquet halls in India — it can be a bit hard to explain to the uninitiated. Part breath-freshener, part digestive aid, paan is essentially a wad of dried fruits, spices and seeds wrapped into a large green leaf from the...

Trishna: Michael Winterbottom Brings Thomas Hardy to Mumbai

7 years ago by Karina Longworth
Michael Winterbottom is multitasking — like that's a surprise. He has made a dozen films in the past decade, as varied as the Steve Coogan–as–Steve Coogan joints 24 Hour Party People and The Trip, the controversial Jim Thompson adaptation The Killer Inside Me and two radically different assessments of the...

Hollywood Jobs to Be CGI'd to Mumbai

10 years ago by Steven Mikulan
It seems like only yesterday that the Times of London was ballyhooing the outsourcing of Hollywood special-effects projects to India. "Post-production movie work," the Times reported in May, 2008,  "is steadily migrating from traditional centers such as L.A. to low-cost locations on the sub-continent." At that time, Mumbai special effects...

Fall Film: From Manchester to Mumbai with Danny Boyle

10 years ago by Ella Taylor
I’m telling Danny Boyle over coffee that his new film, Slumdog Millionaire, is his best by far. “I hope it comes across that I had a real blast making it,” the British director murmurs politely. Either the coffee is overcaffeinated, or Boyle’s Lancashire friendliness disarms me, or I’ve had it...

Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se

Eateries in Artesia's Little India offer a rich and broad variety of South Asian cuisine, but none surpasses Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se for its authentic Mumbai street food. The family-run business is...

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

Comedy, Romance

In-N-Out–Style Plant-Based Burger Joint Opens in Koreatown and Riverside

5 months ago by Hannah Sentenac
Months before officially opening its first brick-and-mortar location in Koreatown, Monty’s Good Burger was something of a foodie phenomenon. It's like In-N-Out (sans animal products) — and with an adorable dog as its mascot.


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