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Curren$y, Method Man - Music Box - 11/5/11

7 years ago by Rebecca Haithcoat
See also: Our Curren$y and Method Man slideshow Curren$y, Method Man, Smoke DZA, Fiend, Corner Boy P Music Box 11/5/11 Better than ... hanging with Curren$y at his crib. Oh, wait. The average person would use a broken ankle as a reason to relax and take a little time off,...

Music Picks: Method Man, Sufjan Stevens and Raymond Raposa, Billy Childs Jazz Chamber Ensemble

7 years ago by LA Weekly
fri 11/4 Cyndi Lauper CLUB NOKIA The New York singer-songwriter really is so unusual, to paraphrase the name of her 1983 debut album. She is at a time in her life when she could simply coast by, endlessly trotting out early hits like "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," "Time After...

CBD or THC — Which Works Best for You?

CBD and THC are the two best-known chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant. While the general differences are understood by the mainstream public — THC causes a psychotropic high and CBD doesn’t — not many people understand what makes each cannabinoid unique.

What's Method Man's Cheap Wine of Choice? Why Did Tom Waits Want to Hang Out with Kool Keith? Which Rapper Moonlights As Lingerie Designer?: N.A.S.A.'s DJ Squeak E. Clean Tells It All

9 years ago by Gustavo Turner
On this week's print edition of the LA Weekly, Drew Tewksbury interviews DJ Squeak E. Clean, aka Sam Spiegel, aka Spike Jonze's brother, aka the man behind the star-studded N.A.S.A. project. Spiegel's N.A.S.A. concept album dropped last year and now it's getting the remix treatment from the likes of "Steve...

The Complete List of 2019 Golden Globe Winners

1 month ago by Lina Lecaro
When it comes to the Golden Globes and the films favored by its voting body, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, there are no hard rules. The Globes have always been unpredictable. The ceremony is the quirky stepkid to the Academy Awards' golden child, celebrating a mixture of blockbusters, indie and foreign films irrespective of Rotten Tomatoes scores, ticket sales or controversies.

L.A. Whiskey 101

2 months ago by Janelle Bennet
Whiskey, a tipple once considered an old man's spirit, has seen a massive boom in popularity over the last 10 years. Now it's the drink of choice for the cool kids, thanks in part to hit shows like Mad Men, with Don Draper and that ubiquitous glass of brown liquid in his hand. Even ladies who once would have balked at ordering an old-fashioned boldly ask for the classic cocktail, feeling like badass renegades in their choice. Here's where to sip and taste.

Music Modernization Act Is an Important Display of Political Harmony

2 months ago by Ted Lieu
If there's one thing in this chaotic world that brings people together, it's music. It's that love for music that has united people across the music industry and across the political spectrum, to support the Music Modernization Act. We two are among those strong supporters – because we're proud of this pitch-perfect and bipartisan bill that helps musicians get paid fairly for their enormous contributions to culture and society.

Mac Sabbath Serve Up a Musical Meal With Organic Appeal

2 months ago by Katherine Turman
In the pantheon of rock & roll to emanate from Los Angeles, there’s a ground-breaker in every decade: The Doors, The Eagles, The Germs, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against the Machine. And the 2010s have served up Mac Sabbath, a parody band who play Black Sabbath songs with damning lyrics about the food-industrial complex, performed while dressed as characters from a fast-food franchise that has yet to sue the band.

Damien Chazelle’s First Man Tracks the Small Steps Behind That Giant Leap

4 months ago by Bilge Ebiri
A tense, terse drama that plunges us headlong and handheld into the high-risk world of the space race in the 1960s, the film spares few moments for reflection or reverie.


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