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Lou Amdur and Sotto Celebrate Sicily This Thursday

7 years ago by Garrett Snyder
What has wine guru Lou Amdur been up to since selling his wine bar earlier this year? Quite a bit, apparently. Fresh off a recent trip to Sicily (Vittoria and Etna, for those keeping score), Amdur will be hosting a one-night Sicilian wine dinner at Sotto on June 21, at...

Night + Market's "Lost" Wine Dinner with Lou Amdur

6 years ago by Besha Rodell
On Sunday night, Kris Yenbamroong held a wine dinner with Lou Amdur (of the much-missed LOU wine bar) at Night + Market, and it was at a level of food and wine geekdom that is both rare and thrilling to those of us who like a little cerebral stimulation while...

There's Got To Be A Morning After: Lou Amdur's Bloody Mary Recipe

8 years ago by Margy Rochlin
If you read our interview with Lou Amdur (Part 1, Part 2), owner of the wine bar, LOU, you know that if you present him with a simple question, like, "What should we drink on New Year's Eve?" he will give you an answer that is equal parts invention and...

Q & A With Lou Amdur: Glazed Hams, Slutty Chardonnays + What to Drink at Easter

6 years ago by Margy Rochlin
See also: L.A.'s Wine Bars Are Better Than Ever. Here Are Our Seven Favorites Lou Amdur, may have sold his cozy, Laundromat-and-Thai massage parlor adjacent Hollywood strip mall wine bar, LOU, last March. But he still has that gift for being able to effortlessly hold forth on all things wine...

Lou Amdur's Beat-The-Heat Booze Crib Sheet

5 years ago by Margy Rochlin
As soon as the National Weather Service predicted a four-day heat wave for early October we started pulling together an it’s too hot to get off the couch survivalist checklist as seriously as any cast member of Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers. However, because our mini-apocalypse is so short term –...

Lou Amdur: L.A.'s Wine Guru

5 years ago by Besha Rodell
One of the fascinating Angelenos featured in L.A. Weekly's People 2014 issue. Check out our entire People 2014 issue. For many people, the love of wine begins with the simple pleasure of eating and drinking. Some get more invested, the geekiness of the process drawing them in. Travel begins to center...

Q & A With Lou Amdur: What To Drink On New Year's Eve (Part 1)

8 years ago by Margy Rochlin
Our colleague Jonathan Gold once pointed out that Lou Amdur, owner of LOU: A Wine Bar, "can probably talk more profoundly about biodynamic wines than anyone who hasn't actually buried a dung-filled animal horn at midnight during a full moon." So it only makes sense that with a tiny handful...


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