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Ernie Barnes: An Artist and a Sportsman

13 hours ago by Siran Babayan
Professionally, Ernie Barnes was a football player for the NFL. Creatively, he was a painter. He switched careers and reinvented himself in the 1960s; the civil rights movement was breaking through, but few African-Americans were visible in mainstream museums and galleries. He would not only become a successful artist and break down racial barriers, but create one of the most recognizable and beloved works of modern art.

Rapper Bre-Z Talks About her Groundbreaking Roles on TV's All-American and Empire

2 months ago by Shirley Ju
From cutting hair to rapping to landing a standout role on Empire to her current gig on The CW’s All-American, playing a gay teen at a high school in Compton, Bre-Z is a strong, multifaceted, black LGBTQ standout on- and offscreen. Born in Philadelphia but raised in Wilmington, Delaware, she attended Full Sail University, then moved to Atlanta and began cutting hair. When the opportunity came to move to L.A. five years ago, she couldn’t pass up the sunshine of the West Coast and potential connections to be made here for her music. She soon met the right people — people who saw she had something more to share with the world. L.A. Weekly talked with the hot actress-rapper about her swelling success.

15 Best Things to Do in L.A. This Week

2 months ago by LA Weekly
From a tribute to Yoko Ono to Annie Liebovitz choosing California films, a vegan street fair to a celebration of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's 100th birthday, here are the 15 best things to do in Los Angeles this week!

WTF Just Happened to Gas Prices?

2 years ago by Dennis Romero
The 12-cent gas tax intended for repairing and maintaining California's worst-in-the-nation roads kicked in on Wednesday.

The Story of Vivian Maier Is More Than Black-and-White

5 months ago by Jordan Riefe
Art lovers have a soft spot for people like Vivian Maier, whose career was stamped with the irresistibly romantic and quintessentially tragic hallmarks of the unknown artist. She lived anonymously, earned a modest income, dedicated her life to her art and made no money from it, and died alone and without resources — only to enjoy global fame and stratospheric sales in the years following her death.

12 Best Things to Do in L.A. This Week

6 months ago by L.A. Weekly
From the definitely NSFW puppetry of Avenue Q to a Tofurky trot, art by shrinks and a holiday marketplace and brunch, here are the 12 best things to do in Los Angeles this week!

High Taxes Could Be Driving Legal Pot Consumers Back to Black Market

1 year ago by David Futch
Legalizing marijuana for recreational use was supposed to deal a death blow to smugglers, cartels and the black market while simultaneously pumping new money into state government coffers. But now, less than a month into the recreational reefer rollout, California consumers could decide to bypass legal dispensaries and head back to the black market in a bid to avoid taxes that could double the price of pot.

Props and Measures — A Nice and Easy Voter's Guide

7 months ago by Beige Luciano-Adams
So many ballot propositions, so little time! L.A. Weekly tries to help you sort through the barrage of information so you can decide.

Race to Succeed Assessor John Noguez Pits an Insider Against an Outsider

5 years ago by Gene Maddaus
The L.A. County Assessor's office has been in limbo for two years, ever since corruption charges forced Assessor John Noguez to take an extended leave of absence. On Tuesday, the office got a little closer to having stable leadership. Jeff Prang and John Morris finished at the top of a...

Owners of $1 Million-Plus Homes Benefit Most From California Tax Break

3 years ago by Dennis Romero
A new analysis finds that longer-term home owners who benefit the most from Proposition 13 tend to live in some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in California.


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