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Deadly Shooting Reported in the Hollywood Hills

3 years ago by Dennis Romero
The Hollywood Hills are alive with the sound of partying this time of year. But gunfire was the sound that brought police to Camrose Drive and Sycamore Avenue last night, authorities said. Police and fire officials said a victim in his early 20s was struck by gunfire and hospitalized. The attack...

Burri My Art in the Hollywood Hills

9 years ago by Doug Harvey
For most of us, one of the fundamental appeals of art is its exemplary capacity in the struggle against entropy — a cultural artifact is valued according to the degree of order it embodies — and the strength of its resistance to the ravages of time. The more intricately woven...

Kettle Glazed Doughnuts Opening Tomorrow in Hollywood Hills

6 years ago by Christine Chiao
Los Angeles is, as we recently noted, a town that happily -- and proudly -- gets its doughnut (or donut) fix from independent shops. Giving us another reason to maintain this tradition, Kettle Glazed Doughnut will open tomorrow, Aug. 6, at the busy intersection of Frankln and the 101. It...

A Modernist Masterpiece in the Hollywood Hills Has Become a Meta Museum

2 years ago by Jordan Riefe
Perched on a crest overlooking the intersection of Mulholland Drive and Laurel Canyon Boulevard, the Fitzpatrick-Leland house imitates the hilltop, cascading down three stories and spreading out where it meets the earth.

Take an Aerial Tour of Antonio Villaraigosa's New Hollywood Hills House

4 years ago by Gene Maddaus
When former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa backed out of a run for Senate last week, he said that "my heart and my family are here in California." So is his new house. As it turns out, Villaraigosa recently bought a three-bedroom home in the Hollywood Hills for $2.5 million. The...

VIDEO: Naked Man Terrorizes Hollywood Hills, Dreams of Morphing Into Inch Worm

7 years ago by Simone Wilson
Of all the "crazy naked man" incidents we've seen in L.A. (and we've seen a lot), the guy who terrorized the Hollywood Hills on June 12 takes the Stanley Cup. Among his various activities that sunny morning:...

Singapore's City Harvest Church Controversy Comes to the Hollywood Hills

9 years ago by Patrick Range McDonald
Unbeknown to many Hollywood Hills residents, a major, developing controversy involving a wealthy Singapore minister and his widely influential mega-church has come to their posh neighborhood. Over the past few weeks, City Harvest Church pastor Kong Hee, a Christian leader in the Charismatic Movement who oversees more than 40 affiliates...


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