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Fishery Disaster Declared for 3 Gulf Coast States

9 years ago by Amy Scattergood
On Monday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke declared a fishery disaster for three states, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, along the Gulf of Mexico. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody, except maybe BP. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has closed nearly 20 percent of the federal waters...

Why Californians Should Be Called In To Stop Gulf Oil Spill

9 years ago by Dennis Romero
It's sad watching British Petroleum struggle to stop the month-long Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as the Obama administration stands by, arms akimbo. BP has proposed some out-of-sight solutions, including plugging the underwater well's leaks with mud and cement. They shouldn't send Brits or Texans, however,...

Tlayudas & Tequila at Taste of Mexico

9 years ago by Elina Shatkin
Los Angeles, which seems to offer every iteration and regional culinary specialty of Mexico, may not need a festival like Taste of Mexico, but between need and desire lies a vast gulf. In this case, it's filled with tequila. And mescal and beer. And Oaxacan tlayudas, Guerreran ceviche verde and...

This City Has Lost Its Wonder: Harlan Ellison Has Left the Building

11 months ago by Falling James
Always uncompromising and often fiercely confrontational as he slaughtered numerous cultural sacred cows in his life and work, Harlan Ellison was part of a vanguard of bold writers who took science fiction in the 1960s from its pulpy roots and vaulted it into a rarefied, more ambitiously literary stratosphere that encompassed counterculture philosophies, unfettered sexuality, left-wing politics, rock & roll subversion and artistic experimentation. The beloved, iconic writer, who famously wrote for Star Trek and L.A. Weekly, died Wednesday at age 84.

Mexico and Y2K

20 years ago by John Ross
Calef BrownMEXICO CITY -- WEARING A T-SHIRT INSCRIBED "Who's Afraid of Y2K?" in blazing red letters, Juan José Sanchez, a 27-year-old kitchen worker, settled back in his airplane seat for the flight home from New York City to his native Puebla state. "So you're not afraid of Y2K?" -- the...

Phylicia Rashad's Mesmerizing Moments in Head of Passes

2 years ago by Deborah Klugman
In Head of Passes, playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney strives to create a narrative of epic proportion, with only moderate success. Directed by Tina Landau at the Mark Taper Forum, the play still is worth seeing for the questions it poses, the finely tuned ensemble and the lead performance by Phylicia...

How Houston's Deluge Is Connected to L.A.'s Record Heat

2 years ago by Dennis Romero
Oppressive heat will continue through the week. It's the flip side of a system that's holding rain over Houston, experts say.

Deported American Military Veterans Find a Sanctuary in Tijuana

2 years ago by Drew Tewksbury
The United States government has been deporting veterans since 1996, many of them legal permanent residents who have served their time in the American military.

Eat More Seafood Courtesy of L.A.'s Best "You Buy, We Fry" Fish Joints

2 years ago by Kayvan Gabbay
There's something great about freshly-fried fish. Especially if you didn't do the frying.


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