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Every Garden Tells a Story: Landscapes Make Destination Crenshaw a Living Monument

1 day ago by Shana Nys Dambrot
Studio MLA's end goal is to "transform the city and to make it more livable; to create places that really resonate with the community by collaborating with like-minded professionals." Whether it's about lighting, signage, art — "or trees, which," says principal Mia Lehrer, "do more than just look beautiful. They clean the air, they give us shade, they make a place."

Four Continents’ Ice Storm Leaves Anaheim Covered in Sequins and Teddy Bears

1 day ago by Falling James
Halley’s Comet swings by this part of the galaxy every 75 years or so, and high-level figure-skating competitions land in Southern California just about as often. So it was a big deal for local skate fans when Honda Center in Anaheim was selected as the site of this past weekend’s Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, a gathering of many of the world’s best skaters competing in the sport’s four major disciplines: ladies’ singles, men’s singles, pair skating and ice dancing.

Cypress Hill Have Grown Up but They're Still Insane

2 days ago by Brett Callwood
When South Gate hip-hop group Cypress Hill released the album Black Sunday in 1993, they literally helped to redefine the musical landscape. Everybody loved that album. As was the case with Rage Against the Machine, the album brought fans of rock and rap into harmony in a way that even Run-D.M.C.'s collaboration with Aerosmith couldn't achieve.

Insane Clown Posse Get Fearless on New Album

3 days ago by Brett Callwood
Following two solo shows from Insane Clown Posse men Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope at the Whisky this month, the duo will join forces once more for an ICP record release party at the Regent Theater on Feb. 15, a celebration of new opus Fearless Fred Fury. We chatted with Shaggy about it all.

CBD or THC — Which Works Best for You?

CBD and THC are the two best-known chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant. While the general differences are understood by the mainstream public — THC causes a psychotropic high and CBD doesn’t — not many people understand what makes each cannabinoid unique.

SLANDER Take Melodic Dubstep to the Masses

1 month ago by Brett Callwood
Los Angeles clubbers and lovers of EDM in general can't fail to have become familiar with the name SLANDER over the eight and a half years since they launched in 2010. The local project's name (stylized, we're firmly told, in ALL-CAPS) has become ever-present on L.A. bills. Meanwhile, the duo of Derek Andersen and Scott Land have been seeing their online followers grow at a dramatic rate. These are exciting times for SLANDER.

From Canada to Compton, Jay Worthy Keeps It Gangsta

1 year ago by Jeff Weiss
He's originally from Vancouver and Grimes is his stepsister, but don't let that fool you. As heard on "G-Worthy," his new collab with G Perico, Jay Worthy is as real as they come.

L.A. Whiskey 101

1 month ago by Janelle Bennet
Whiskey, a tipple once considered an old man's spirit, has seen a massive boom in popularity over the last 10 years. Now it's the drink of choice for the cool kids, thanks in part to hit shows like Mad Men, with Don Draper and that ubiquitous glass of brown liquid in his hand. Even ladies who once would have balked at ordering an old-fashioned boldly ask for the classic cocktail, feeling like badass renegades in their choice. Here's where to sip and taste.

Jason Momoa Kills Across Canada in Winningly Badass Thriller Braven

1 year ago by Alan Scherstuhl
There’s time to wonder, as Momoa huffs across the peaks of Newfoundland, what it says about us as a species that so many of us relish the dramatization of acts of terrible cruelty but first demand narrative justification.

Burlesque Artist Dita Von Teese on New Year's Eve Show and Other Things on Her Mind

2 months ago by Susan Hornik
With her delightfully sensual, visual stimulation, Dita Von Teese takes great pleasure in planning her glamorous shows, such as the new one she'll be performing New Year's Eve at downtown L.A.'s Orpheum Theater. The veteran striptease artist has worked on every aspect of her epic performances for years, from the exquisite sets and gorgeous costumes to the overall production, music and lighting. She's also a fashion icon, author, charity spokesperson and even has an album out.


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