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Burnt by Frost (Brent av frost)

Drama, Romance

¡Viva Border Volleyball!

13 years ago by Joshuah Bearman
California’s most desolate and unknown beach is desolate and unknown for a reason. It has no name, no facilities, no parking lot. There are no signs for it inside Borderfield State Park. There are no signs for the park either. To get there, you depart the 5 freeway 10 miles...

The Zeitlist

  POLITICS Mostly What Happened and a Bit About What’s to Come Good Night and Good Luck: A baker’s dozen of highlights from a year of meta-media madness. By JOHN POWERS 4 Reasons to be Glad Bush is Still President. By EZRA KLEIN and JOSHUAH BEARMAN 8 Deadly Dolphins. By...

Monkey News

2005 was a big year for primates and the primatologists who study them: More Lemurs Nicknamed the “eighth continent” for its vast biological diversity, Madagascar produced two new lemur species this year. Lemurs are the fuzzy ancestral (and endangered) cousins of monkeys and apes. All 49 species exist solely on...

Freedom of Information

13 years ago by Paul Cullum
“The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more Star Systems will slip through your fingers.” —Princess Leia to the Grand Moff Tarkin in the bowels of the Death Star When Thom Andersen’s acclaimed documentary Los Angeles Plays Itself screened at the Egyptian Theater four times over the course of...

Chest of Lies

12 years ago by Joshuah Bearman
Every morning during Sundance, a citywide ritual occurs. By the time the tardy sun finally comes over Park City’s Wasatch mountains, competitive teams armed with heavy-duty stapler guns and stacks of posters are fanning out through the streets to put their films’ mark on the surprisingly few bulletin boards designated...

Music Picks

13 years ago by LA Weekly
THURSDAY, AUGUST 24 Josie Cotton, Thursday (Clearly Johnny was queer.)Josie Cotton, Geza X at the Knitting Factory It would be a shame if Josie Cotton were remembered only for her 1981 hit version of “Johnny, Are You Queer,” the somewhat annoying power-pop tune that was also a staple at Go-Go’s...


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