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Mapping Andy

Click on map to enlarge Re-created by Warhol Factory secretary, West Coast editor of Interview and major studio executive Susan Pile All quotations are from The Andy Warhol Diaries unless otherwise noted. HOLLYWOOD 1. Musso & Frank, 6667 Hollywood Blvd.; October 1963 Poet Jack Larson recalls Andy introducing Cecil Beaton...

Is the First Steelhead Trout in Decades Really Back at Malibu Lagoon?

5 years ago by Ani Ucar
For the first time in decades, Los Angeles media this week reported, an adult endangered southern steelhead trout was spotted in the Malibu Lagoon channel, an event long dreamed of by environmentalists and fishermen. But the sighting by members of two government agencies and a non-profit foundation has spurred debate...

The Best Places in L.A. to Go Dancing

3 years ago by LA Weekly
Whether you're into salsa or EDM, heading to Hollywood or the SGV, there are no shortage of places in the Los Angeles area to get your groove on. For our 2015 Best of L.A. issue, our writers picked some of their favorite spots for a night (or, in one case,...

L.A.'s 50 Best Music Venues

4 years ago by LA Weekly
There's hardly any debate that L.A. has the best music scene in America. But when it comes to venues in which to hear that music played live, we are equally blessed. Whether you're preferred concert-going experience is a sweaty dive or a swanky, historic theater, our city offers up a...

Did Malibu Lagoon Activists Issue Death Threat to L.A. County Worker?

7 years ago by Simone Wilson
The unshakeable activists who've been fighting the Malibu Lagoon "restoration" project since it was proposed 20 years ago have always been passionate. But have some waxed a bit overzealous? LA Observed reported this morning the L.A. County Department of Beaches and Harbors "notified county officials on Monday that a beach...

Avalon: A Sonic Overhaul and a Look Back

5 years ago by Andy Hermann
From a private balcony two stories above the stage, owner John Lyons watches as his Avalon nightclub fills with Friday-night partiers. An opening DJ duo, Riggi and Piros, is working the crowd with a mix of EDM hits and rock mash-ups. Riffs from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the White Stripes...

Malibu Lagoon Bulldozing Halted -- Not for Protesters, But for Councilman's Surf Contest

7 years ago by Simone Wilson
Updated at the bottom: State official says he thought it was up to city official to notify Malibu public of the delay. A few dozen protesters reportedly showed up to the Malibu Lagoon this morning, hoping to dramatically block the bulldozers that were scheduled to begin a controversial "restoration" project...

The Battle for Malibu Lagoon

8 years ago by Hillel Aron
What a dump. That was Athena Shlien's thought when she saw huge Malibu Lagoon for the first time. She was walking through a marsh that makes up part of the lagoon on her way to Surfrider Beach, perhaps the most popular surfing spot in L.A. County and the historic epicenter...


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