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L.A. Weekly's Summer Festival Guide 2019

7 days ago by Paul Rogers
Your guide to music festivals in summer 2019

L.A. Weekly's Summer Concert Guide 2019

7 days ago by Paul Rogers
L.A. Weekly's guide to summer concerts in 2019

Willam Belli Proves High School Is a Drag in Mean Gays

3 months ago by Lina Lecaro
Musical parodies of pop culture movie faves have been so done. But that doesn't mean they still can't slay, especially when they gather four of the drag world's most talented and treacherous queens in the lead roles. Mean Gays, a musical parody of Tina Fey's hit Mean Girls, features some true superstar queens in its lead roles. L.A. Weekly spoke with drag star Willam, who takes on the coveted Regina George role.

100 Days of Concerts to Fill Your Summer Calendar

11 months ago by Paul Rogers
L.A. Weekly's comprehensive Summer Concert Guide: 100 Days of Concerts will help you plan your musical outings from now through Sept. 15. It's an entire season's worth of musical exploration and excitement.

Summer Movie Guide: L.A. Weekly's Top 12 Picks for Must-See Flicks

12 months ago by David Weiner
This summer, audiences can expect a healthy dose of sequels and spinoffs, superheroes and spies, and some quality character dramas, with a few more eye-opening documentaries. To help you cut through the clutter, L.A. Weekly shines the spotlight on 12 films that we can’t wait to watch.

An Owner and His Slaves Try to Survive After the Civil War — and They're All Jewish

4 years ago by Joel Beers
There isn't a great deal of new ground staked in Matthew Lopez' 2006 play The Whipping Man. The Civil War was America's worst nightmare, slavery its greatest evil, and no one — free, enslaved, North or South — emerged unscarred. The only fresh territory is that the three men in...

Two L.A. Versions of The Importance of Being Earnest Forget the Importance of Oscar Wilde's Humor

5 years ago by Katie Buenneke
The Importance of Being Earnest is one of the best-known English-language farces. First performed in 1895, the play tells the tale of Algernon, a dandy who lies about having a sick cousin so he can avoid dealing with his pesky aunt, Lady Bracknell. He discovers that his best friend, Ernest,...


7 years ago by Amy Lyons
Shakespeare's underperformed romance is a mishmash of familial ties tested, lighthearted foppery, dark betrayals and supernatural interventions. In the hands of director Bart DeLorenzo and a talented ensemble, the sometimes convoluted proceedings ultimately feel like a satisfyingly complex journey, a romp of sorts in which boys become men and childish...

When a Man With a Gun Is Upset That You Slept With His Sister

4 years ago by Deborah Klugman
In Lyle Kessler’s The Great Divide, director David Fofi’s final production before departing the Elephant Stages, a father and two sons enmeshed in a lifetime of resentment and abuse replay their rancor in the presence of a one-armed psychopath and his sister. Like other dysfunctional family dramas, the fireworks are...

How Adam22 Turned His BMX Podcast Into Essential Listening for Rap Fans

2 years ago by Jeff Weiss
On his No Jumper podcast, Adam Grandmaison has discovered a Howard Stern–like gift for coaxing information out of rappers.


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