Scott Hughes, OnlineBookClub President, Reveals Vagabond as the December 2021 Book of the Month


Yep, believe it or not, Satan’s daughter Cecilia has struggles that you can connect with!

Heroes have had their time in the spotlight. Give me misunderstood villains.” -Mary A.J., author of Vagabond

Dark fantasy novel Vagabond introduces Cecilia Harrow who escapes the underworld, and her father – Satan! – to attend high school and live an ordinary life. She soon discovers how far she’ll go to protect someone she loves: will she “preserve her humanity or unleash the merciless Princess of Hell?” (Amazon description)

Vagabond,’s December 2021 book of the month, is all about struggles. Struggles to create a new life, to do what must be done, and between the light and the dark within us.

When asked in an interview on why Mary would choose “this Princess of Hell” as a protagonist, she responded: “I abhorred reading about plain, righteous, one dimensional characters. Give me a morally grey one, someone who fluctuates between burning the world down and saving it. Someone who would risk everything, even their own soul, for one last kiss goodbye. Heroes have had their time in the spotlight. Give me misunderstood villains.”

Mary also made it clear that Vagabond is just the beginning. “Vagabond is a trilogy, and I’m currently working on the second installment,” Mary said in the same interview. Only time will tell whether these sequels will also receive the illustrious Book of the Month title.

Vagabond claims the final Book of the Month title of 2021 as is celebrating over fifteen years of existence. With over two million book-loving members, from readers and reviewers to authors and publishers, there’s something for everyone. The forums on the website include book reviews, general discussions, deep-dives into individual books, and interviews with authors of various genres. Becoming a member is free, and reviewers can earn money and/or free books for their honest reviews. Authors and publishers will discover a plethora of marketing tips and services as well.

Scott Hughes, owner and founder of, created when he was only 19 – back in 2006 – and hasn’t backed down from reading-related innovations since. Most recently, Scott announced the release of an ereading app on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. “I want to make reading fun again,” Scott said. He’s also a poet, published author, and a proud father to two, and served as an elected member of the Manchester, CT Board of Education.

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