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There’s no magic formula. No short-cut. No easy path. In the business world, you have to be willing to learn from your mistakes and press on. You have to be humble and open to learning from others. And you have to continually try new things until you find a winning combination, even if it takes much longer than you expected. These are winning attributes in the business world Scott Barnick, COO at Otter Public Relations, has mastered — proving he’s got all the right stuff.

Bartnick began his career working for a Fortune 500 company but soon became restless. Despite some family and friends’ resistance, he left that job to prove he could travel the world on a $10 a day budget from eCommerce revenue. Reaching his goal and visiting 20 countries in a year, Bartnick felt compelled to share the eCommerce secrets that allowed him this lifestyle by writing, The Five Day Startup. This year of travel gave Bartnick the eCommerce experience and business perspective he needed to return to a more traditional business world. But this time, he would be his own boss.

His current venture, Otter PR, is a partnership with long-time friend and serial entrepreneur Dr. Jay Feldman. At this company’s inception, no one could predict a world-wide pandemic holding the world hostage for months and plaguing the economy. However, Barnick had already put his start-up into motion, and by the time the epidemic was in full swing, there was no going back. 

While the past several months have been crippling for some businesses, others that offer services have thrived. Such is the case with Otter PR. Specializing in assisting budding start-ups get the exposure they need for a successful launch, and revitalizing lagging businesses are Barnick’s areas of expertise. 

Barnick and his team provide a vital service for struggling businesses at the most opportune time. However, in the beginning, he didn’t even know a pandemic was coming. Barnick’s vision for the company was always helping businesses grow, but pivoting to lock in a new pandemic-driven strategy became Bartnick’s forte. 

Moving your company from $0 to a 7-figure+ company in six months doesn’t happen every day. In Bartnick’s case with Otter PR, this overwhelming success is a combination of real business savvy and understanding how to change with the times. When more businesses needed the PR expertise Otter PR could provide, Bartnick and team stepped up to the plate. And Bartnick is proud to say that Otter PR has been tremendously successful in helping new and existing businesses navigate the COVID-19 storm.

A healthy bottom line is not the only indicator that Bartnick and Otter PR are the real deal. Recently, Otter PR was rated #1 PR Firm by Top Rated National, and clients are also singing their praises on Google reviews. Additionally, the team of ‘Otters’ — as Bartnick calls them — is continually growing. 

In the beginning, there was a small team pulling out all the stops, and it paid off. Today, Otter PR has 30+ employees stationed around the United States selling, pitching, hustling, writing, and loving their work at a team-oriented, thriving business. And this atmosphere of appreciation and success trickles from the top down. Bartnick and his co-founder, Feldman, have created a lively and diverse work culture that invites creativity and innovation. And none of these qualities would be present without outstanding leadership. 

When you look at Scott Bartnick, he seems a little young to have accomplished so much. At 30 years old, he’s traveled the world on $10 a day; created numerous successful eCommerce start-ups and sold them; written a book titled The Five Day Start-Up, teaching people the ropes for eCommerce sales; and now co-founded a 7-figure+ public relations firm that continues to impress the PR community.

Bartnick states, “If you find a career you love, and you can help people with your knowledge and services, you are one of the luckiest people on earth.” These days, Bartnick definitely considers himself lucky. But with no magic formulas and no easy paths to success, Bartnick’s ‘luck’ seems unlikely. Knowing his strength of character and driven personality, Bartnick’s  accomplishments are based entirely on something other than  ‘luck.’


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