Say Hello To Limitless Abundance Through Natasha Graziano’s Upcoming Book, “Be It Until You Become It”

The esteemed motivational speaker’s second book will teach you the 5 key ingredients to manifesting the life of your dreams, plus so much more. 

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When life gave Natasha Graziano lemons, she didn’t just make lemonade, she made cake, pie, and a cocktail too! Her refreshing zest for life – despite the hurdles she’s been through, has landed her on the cover of major magazines; on stages alongside the likes of Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk and most of all, in the hearts of millions of people who she’s impacted with her desire to make a difference. 

Graziano is a role model to millions and a mindset coach who gives individuals the tools they need to unleash their full potential. In her upcoming book, Be It Until You Become It,” Graziano shares just how to step out of the “fake it until you make it,” mindset, and actually become the person you desire to be without self-sabotaging yourself. 

In her book, she invites people to utilize her groundbreaking MBS method, which stands for Meditational Behavioral Synchronicity. Rooted in neuroscience, it combines ancient breathing techniques with meditation, to help you remove self-limiting beliefs and become a powerful creator of your own reality. Graziano says that MBS is the secret formula to her success. 

“The MBS method is a form of meditation that I’ve coined involving expanding your vision and replacing an old, self limiting belief with a new positive belief, all whilst in an altered state of awareness,” she says.

“While using this method, in a very small space of time I went from being broke to making my first million,” she continues. “I went from sick to vibrant, from lost to focused, from depressed to confident, from a single mum, to marrying my soulmate, from homeless, to living in my dream homes around the world,” she adds. 

Graziano says that it’s staggering to look back on all that she went through, and still acknowledge where she is now. “They are two completely opposing experiences, but all part of my story that brought me here, to where I find myself now,” she says. “And I am sure that without those painful lessons, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she adds.

Her teachings suggest that manifesting all you desire is a lot easier of a job than one would think. “Having an unshakeable belief in your limitless potential and the creative powers of the Universe will gain you freedom to create and manifest the life of your dreams,” she attests.

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Graziano says;

1- Have confidence that everything you are setting your mind to, you will achieve. These ancient secrets that have been passed down to me that I have applied in my life have not only transformed my life but a large number of my clients and students lives too.

2- Feel it as if you’re already beyond the finish line. Believe it, feel it, own it. There are actually so many exercises in the book to show you how to tangibly execute these steps and the other 12 steps in the book with proven results.  

3- Inspire yourself to take immediate action. Why sit back and wait when you have that much power within you to create abundance in every area of your life: in your health, finances, and love life. Once you’ve mastered the correct mindset and methods, you become unstoppable and I love sharing with people how to do that.  

Graziano believes that no goal or aspiration is too large, and in fact, many people aren’t dreaming big enough. Always remember that if you can imagine it, you can surely achieve it.

With that in mind, she encourages you to ask yourself, “how would I walk through life if I knew that the Universe had my back each step of the way?” and she invites you to find your purpose, be that person, and let go of any self-limiting beliefs so you can actually become it. 

“Once I connected my why, and connected my purpose to everything I did, the path forward became clear. I went from being a broke single mom to making my first million dollars in less than a year, all the while building three passive streams of income of eight-figures,” Graziano shares.

As the #1 female motivational speaker, best-selling author, social media expert, and podcaster that she is, Graziano uses her platform and voice to light the way for others to empower themselves, and her book, “Be It Until You Become It,” is no different. Her words and teachings are a stepping stool for you to achieve your dreams. 

Graziano is on a mission to give everybody the opportunity to create the life that they deserve. And through her book, she makes it as easy as possible for you to actually put her methods into practice and change your life. Take this as your chance to learn the tools that can help you attract limitless abundance into your life just as you deserve.

“Manifesting miracles is based on three key ingredients: self-belief, positively enhanced feelings, and inspired action,” Graziano shares. 

If you’d like to delve deeper into these concepts and take advantage of Graziano’s expertise that has already changed so many lives, be sure to pre-order a copy of her book while you can, as copies will surely fly off shelves on August 2nd.

“You can’t expect different results by doing the same things you’ve always done,” Graziano adds. “As Albert Einstein brilliantly puts it, ‘The purest form of insanity is to leave everything the same and at the same time hope that things will change.’” she concludes.

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