Satoshi Runners Ushers Forth Pixel Art Momentum

In the last few years, pixel art has slowly been making a comeback, with mobile art games gaining massive popularity. Thanks to advances in technology, there has been a surge in pixel art games, indicating that they are here to stay. But this is not the only industry pixel art is dominating.

Early this year, Satoshi Runners launched its cyberpunk-themed pixel art project, making pixel art NFTs that are now revolutionizing the marketplace. Satoshi Runners has developed a cyberpunk collection of 7,777 fully animated cyberpunks inspired by the world of crypto punk.

According to the team of experts at Satoshi Runners, their aim is to use their project to redefine pixel art through unparalleled artwork, unique utility, and a vibrant community. This will help Satoshi Runners further push the pixel art momentum, changing how people view art while bringing together well-known names in the art world.

Satoshi Runners was founded by 0xFocus and Zakareth, both experts in the NFT and art space, teaming up with other top investors and entrepreneurs who are helping them spearhead their marketing. They have also collaborated with Chain Runners, Nanopass, and CryproSkulls, to name a few.

Their diversity, vast network, and expertise in the field have enabled them to cement their spot, receiving a lot of attention from the public. While Satoshi launched their project only a few months ago, they have built a solid online community of over 120K followers. They have been featured in Entrepreneur and magazines, with hundreds showing interest in their cyberpunk-themed pixel art project.

The team says that their goal is to make pixel art more mainstream as they help their users generate passive income from their NFTs. Satoshi Runners are leveraging blockchain technology to break down barriers between creators and consumers while bringing more value to investors and changing the NFT marketplace.

Satoshi has developed its own marketplace, $Satoshi, where the holders can buy NFTs and WL spots. As shown in their roadmap, Satoshi also plans to purchase land on Sandbox and Decentraland. This will help the team to get closer to their goal of ensuring their users generate more passive income as it will grant holders exclusive access to the growing metaverse.

Through its Discord, Satoshi is building a community of pixel art lovers and helping everyone easily navigate the space. The team has developed staking features that enable holders to stake their Satoshi Runner to earn $Satoshi. You can also breed your Satoshi Runner to increase their revenue.

As Satoshi Runners grows, they are leveraging blockchain technology to redefine the art space, providing the best utility to their community in terms of alpha calls and presale access to all upcoming projects and partnerships. Their goal is to be the best pixel art project within the NFT field, making the industry better for creators and consumers. Through their inspiring journey to the top, Satoshi Runners is also teaching people the importance of perseverance and hard work.

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