Marc Cooper wrote that Sarah Palin had been a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, and you published a “correction” letter saying that she was “never a member” of this secessionist group [“Fringe Factor,” September 12-18].

In fact, the chairman (as she calls herself) of the Alaskan Independence Party, Lynette Clark, said Sarah Palin had been a member, and then later said she had made a mistake about Palin’s membership — once it became an embarrassment. You decide when the chairman was telling the truth — then, or now.

Jonathan Farley



Upon reading Max Taves’ article on the UCLA animal “researchers” who fell victim to the “obnoxious animal rights radicals” [August 29-September 4], I couldn’t help but wonder … what ever happened to L.A. Weekly, anyway? I'm talking about that great alternative paper that ran a compelling exposé on slaughterhouses back in the early ’90s, which sealed the deal for me, and I suspect quite a few other readers, to go vegetarian. At what point was it hijacked by hack writers with no conviction or moral compass who think journalism simply constitutes paying lip service to advertisers and mainstream ass kissing?

Is animal abuse just not on your radar? I would think that a paper that bills itself as “alternative” would by now have given at least some coverage to the ongoing battle between Animal Defense League Los Angeles and Ed Boks, director of L.A. Animal Services’ killing machine, and his admitted phony labels for justifying euthanization. If not that, at least some mention of the many local pet stores that sell dogs from puppy mills, and of the people out there peacefully protesting each week. Oprah did a segment on puppy mills, for gosh sakes.

I thought that by nature an alternative newsweekly was supposed to be on the side of the good guys — not an apologist for the bad guys. Sure, I wouldn’t damage property; I don’t want to get arrested, and figure it would hurt my cause. But if I had to pick whose side to take, I would choose those with conviction and compassion over those who perform useless and torturous experiments on animals. I would rather an animal be spared than a university van.

I miss the old L.A. Weekly.

Melissa Maroff
Sherman Oaks



In Gendy Alimurung’s La Vida article on carnivorous plants [“Feed Me!” September 12-18], two Jack Russell terriers were mistakenly identified as Chihuahuas. Alimurung apologizes to the dogs, and the plants. Terriers are certainly just as tasty.

Also last week, the art listings gave an old address for Jancar Gallery. The new digits: 961 Chung King Road; (213) 625-2522.

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