Top Ten Best São Paulo OnlyFans Girls and Guys to Follow in 2023

Screen Shot 2021 09 03 at 3 2When we think about Brazil, one of the first images that is conjured up is Carnival, with all the sparkly costumes, tassels, and gorgeous dancing women. Second, we think of thong bikinis on the beach, and third, we picture…well, to be honest…the Brazilian wax. So, it is no wonder that São Paulo OnlyFans accounts are popular. The people are spicy, they are beautiful, and they know how to shake that ass to a good beat. São Paulo is a coastal state, with over 370 miles of beaches and lagoons, and the city is a short drive away, so the girls and guys know how to keep their beach bodies tight.

If you are looking for a petite Portuguese-speaking princess or a bad boy with a big dick, there is a content creator of every flavor available on Only Fans in São Paulo. We scoured the internet, searching from Mangaratiba in the north of the state to Curtiba in the south to find you the best OnlyFans in São Paulo. Please read on to see who we chose as our top ten.

Best São Paulo OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best São Paulo OnlyFans Models Accounts of 2023


Best 10 São Paulo OnlyFans

#1. Rachell Miranda – Hottest Tattooed Masturbator



  • Explicit nudes
  • Sexy toy play
  • 450+ likes
  • 730+ pics and videos
  • $6 per month

Where to Follow:


From her social media, you can see that this incredible tattooed babe has a pretty face, but is all about that ass and pussy, posing in underwear of all kinds, including lacy lingerie and tighty whitey Calvins. Rachell Miranda is a tattooed 30-year-old São Paulo OnlyFans girl who is constantly posting fully explicit photo sets and porn videos, filled with masturbation solo content and ass play, and she loves to use toys on her wet pussy. Her content is uncensored, and shows it all, up close and personal.

If you send Rachell a chat, you can speak directly with her, but you might need to use a translator because her content is completely in Portuguese.


#2 Boy Passivo Sao Paulo – Sexiest Crossdresser Content



  • Crossdresser content
  • Sexy gay photos and videos
  • 315+ posts
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:


Boy Passivo looks just how you would picture him from his name. He is a cute gay boy with a nice round ass that he likes to share with his fans. He is also a crossdresser, making his content ultra spicy and exciting. When you subscribe to this São Paulo Only Fans model, you will have access to over a hundred dirty pictures and nearly two hundred videos, with new videos posted weekly. If you want to, you can give Boy Passivo a nice new necklace or pretty outfit to wear in his next video by clicking on his Amazon Wishlist.


#3 Thompson Ferrari – Manliest Dom Model and Stripper



  • Professional magazine model
  • XXX amateur and professional videos
  • 960+ posts
  • $13.99 per month

Where to Follow:


Thompson Ferrari has one of the top Onlyfans in São Paulo because he posts XXX fetish content, with professional and amateur videos available when you subscribe. He is a model who has been featured in several print and online magazines, and as such, he is very into health, and keeping fit.

Thompson’s page has plenty of gym videos, erotic stories, masturbation, cumshots, couples content, and live streams. If you are so inspired, you can message him to ask for exclusive personalized content that he will make just for you. Don’t be shy, because he certainly won’t!


#4 Mandy Lia – Most Explicit Cosplayer



  • Teen country girl
  • Explicit NSFW videos and pics
  • 330+ posts
  • $5 per month

Where to Follow:


Join Mandy Lia’s page to see why we have listed her as one of the best OnlyFans in Sao Paulo. She is only nineteen years old, living out in the countryside, but that does not mean she is inexperienced. Her page has it all. Not only is she the creator of some high-quality content, but she also wants to chat with you to get to know you better.

Mandy posts a lot of very sexy, explicit nude pics that show everything. She has over 150 videos on her page that feature her young and perky body, and she is about to start posting fun cosplay sex tapes soon. Make sure you subscribe now so you don’t miss out.


#5 Rhenata Schmidt – Hottest Brazilian TV Star and Carnival Dancer



  • Real Carnival dancer
  • Full nude PPV
  • 450+ posts
  • $7.99 per month

Where to Follow:


Rhenata Schmidt is a well-known name throughout Brazil, and it is exciting that she has an OnlyFans in Sao Paulo. She is a model, an actress, and a journalist, and has been featured on the daily program on the SBT channel of Brazilian Open TV. This blue-eyed babe has also been featured at Carnaval as a dancer.

Rhenata does not post nudes or explicit content of any kind, but her pics and videos are still more than enough to get your motor running. If nudes are what you want, well, you may have to pay a bit extra, but send her a message and she may be able to hook you up for an extra tip.


#6 Bad Guy – Best Big Dick Exhibitionist Videos



  • Big dick bad boy
  • Fetish content
  • 100+ photos and videos
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:


Bad Guy is a slim, long-haired boy who loves to show off his huge cock and his slender body in hot sex tapes, fetish content, and videos featuring his ass, his dick and huge loads of cum. He is a top and he collaborates with other popular content creators to make some of the dirtiest videos out there. Watch him masturbate, get his cock sucked, and so much more when you subscribe. If you are into gay porn, you will love Bad Guy’s OnlyFans São Paulo page.


#7 Amanda Jaborandy – Best TS Girl Booty



  • Busty transgender girl
  • High-quality content
  • 475+ posts
  • $5.90 per month

Where to Follow:


Amanda Jaborandy is a trans girl with a big booty, huge fake tits, a huge dick, and a fun attitude. She makes high-quality photos and videos and is truly delighted to speak with her fans. The more you like her posts, chat to her, and comment, the better gifts she will send you for free. Oh, and you can order custom videos from her as well.


#8 Tgirl Ashley F – Most Hardcore T-Babe



  • Fake boobs and big cock
  • Self fellatio and more
  • 750+ likes
  • 100+ posts
  • $15 per month

Where to Follow:


Ashley Ferraz is a tall, lithe trans girl with nice tattoos, a fit body, and a brand-new boob job she is ready to show off. Oh right, and a huge dick that she can actually suck herself, believe it or not. (Well, watch the video and you will have to believe it). She has starred in over 25 hardcore pornos, with content like threesomes, TF/B, TF/TF and solo sessions with aforementioned self-fellatio, as well as double-sided dildo play. Subscribe to Ashley today to explore a new wild side of yourself.


#9 Gloom – Alternative Brazilian Tattoo Artist



  • Sexy tattoo artist
  • Weekly posts
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:


Gloom is a cute, geeky, gothy São Paulo OnlyFans creator who posts new photos and videos weekly. She is very into anime, gaming, and tattoos. When she is not posting killer underwear photos and sex tapes, she works as a tattoo artist, so you know she can get creative. Her page is definitely one to watch as you scour the web for new nude OnlyFans in São Paulo to follow.


#10 Luma Kardashian – Best Big Booty Brazilian



  • Ass, oral and more on timeline
  • Customs available
  • 520+ posts
  • $40 per month

Where to Follow:


Luma Kardashian has a nice big butt and full titties, with a slim, fit body that will drive you wild with desire. Her page costs a little more than average, but she stands out as having one of the top OnlyFans in São Paulo because she spends so much time with her fans online, building up intimacy and interacting on a personal level.

Luma’s page features new XXX posts every day, with NSFW oral, toy, and ass videos, along with leggings, yoga pants, and high heels. Nothing is hidden behind a paywall, including her spicy solo tapes and girl on girl sex content. Customs are also available upon request.


FAQ About Only Fans in São Paulo

What is a Brazilian Wax?

A full Brazilian wax (sometimes just called “a Brazilian” is a bikini wax that takes all the pubic hair below the belly button and above the thigh. This includes the perineum (the area that lies between the anus and the vulva or scrotum).

It is a truly thorough type of waxing that makes your private areas smooth and hair-free. For some, it is a painful experience, while others may barely feel it. It is said that the more often you have it done, the less it hurts. The results of a Brazilian wax lasts for three to six weeks, depending on your individual hair growth speed.

Unsurprisingly it is one of the preferred cosmetic procedures that many of the top OnlyFans in São Paulo do regularly. People’s tastes vary, but a lot of fans like to see their content creators completely hairless, and a Brazilian wax will certainly do the job.

Does São Paulo Have Nude Beaches?

There are no official nude beaches in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, but that does not mean people don’t get naked and skinny dip. There are plenty of secluded areas where you could likely slip off your swimsuit and dash into the waves or get a tan without any tan lines. Some common places where people swim naked in the state include several beaches around Guaruja, Peruibe, Sao Sebastiao, Caraguatatuba, and Utaba. It is best to ask locals before getting naked though, just to be safe. You never know, you may run into some nude OnlyFans in São Paulo catching some rays while you are there.

Is OnlyFans Legal in Brazil?

Yes, it is legal to use OnlyFans in the country of Brazil. As long as all actors in pornographic pics and videos are aged 18 or older, and the films do not feature anything illegal, the sale, possession, and production of porn is completely legal. Many Brazilian citizens rely on gig culture to earn a living, and ever since the 2020 pandemic, OnlyFans has become a great means of economic freedom for thousands of people in the country. Even though having an OnlyFans account can be a lot of work, many São Paulo OnlyFans girls and guys are making it work for them, entertaining other Brazilians, and foreigners alike.

What Do Most Brazilians Look Like?

Because Brazil has a mix of people of indigenous, African, and Portuguese decent, they can kind of look like anybody. There are very white and blonde-haired Brazilians, and there are very dark-skinned Brazilians, with everything in between. The country has some pretty intense beauty standards, with a lot of social pressure to be thin, with a big butt and boobs, or fit and athletic as a man. They are meant to have a flat stomach, and look slim at all times, which has inspired a culture that normalizes cosmetic surgery and fitness regimes. This results in an overwhelmingly sexy population of spicy South Americans on OnlyFans in São Paulo who know they look good, because they put the work in.

Are Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) Safe?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure in which liposuction is used to remove fat from a person’s body, usually from the stomach or hips, and then purified and transferred into the butt, taking around 2 weeks to heal. It really has nothing to do with Brazil except a Brazilian surgeon was the first person do try it. The BBL has a dual effect of slimming down “problem areas” while creating a natural-looking big bum.

Unfortunately, this is a very risky surgery, which, for most people, is not worth the danger. There are risks like developing blood clots, having heart problems, and fat embolisms, in which fat that was transferred to the ass finds its way into the bloodstream and ends up blocking the lungs. There is also a risk of infection. Even if it heals well, you may have skin discoloration, or changes in skin sensations.

What is Brazilian Bum Bum Cream?

Brazilian Bum Bum cream is a trending cosmetic product used by several celebrities including Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, and Hailey Bieber to tighten their skin and reduce the look of cellulute. It has caffeine, guarana, and other ingredients that increase blood flow and plump up the skin.  

What is Brazil Famous and Known For?

One of the most famous things about Brazil is the Amazon Rainforest and the Amazon River. It is also well known for the annual Carnival celebrations every February, as well as its soccer team.

Of course, the reason we are all here is another reason why Brazil is so well known: it’s wide array of gorgeous girls and handsome men. OnlyFans in Sao Paulo, along with the rest of the country, feature some of the sexiest individuals in the world.


If you love hot bodies in hot weather, you are going to love every one of these creators on our list of the best OnlyFans in São Paulo and their South American sexcapades. The São Paulo OnlyFans models we have featured in our top ten list are just some of the incredible Brazilian porn stars, content creators, and adult entertainers on the site, so make sure that after you subscribe to them you continue your journey down the São Paulo Only Fans rabbit hole.

Imagine real Amazonian women, hot Rio boys, and sultry Salvador babes all at your fingertips, on the other side of your computer screen, just waiting for you to look at their slippery, naked bodies. That’s what OnlyFans in São Paulo and the rest of Brazil has to offer.


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