SandStorm helps businesses launch a presence in the Metaverse.

Businesses are transitioning from traditional models to digital models. The internet has fundamentally transformed how consumers engage with brands and products, and the shift to a digital world is only accelerating. As a result, brands can no longer rely solely on marketing to achieve a return on investment, nor can they solely rely on their physical presence if they’re going to succeed in this new era.

New strategies are being developed as traditional practices evolve into Web3, a new paradigm that requires entirely new approaches. This is about more than establishing a Web 3 presence; building a company that embodies the new economy and is harmonious with the new paradigm.

SandStorm, the world’s largest metaverse builder community, achieves this harmony. It facilitates a bridge between brands and the top metaverse builders, enabling brands to establish themselves as leaders in Web3. At SXSW 2022 in March, they launched their live platform on both Polygon and Ethereum. SandStorm’s beta platform uses layer 2 to enable VOX, GlTF, and VXM files to be minted enabling builders to showcase their work to brands.

Additionally, SandStorm has a white-glove service to bring brands into the metaverse matching them with top builders who can create world class experiences across multiple virtual worlds including The Sandbox and Decentraland. SandStorm is looking to ignite new ideas and initiatives around how brands can maximize their reach through the metaversewhile creating a destination that brings people together in an unusual way.

During one of their press releases, Steve McGarry, CEO of SandStorm, announced a $2.5 million seed round from all-star investors. The company organically grew to over reach over 3 million people each month pre-launch. “We have 50 brands and over 1,000 verified builders, and we’re ready to give the crypto community what they’ve asked for,” – Steve McGarry said.

This ambitious project combines different platforms, tools, and experiences for brands everywhere. Creating a safer and more secure ecosystems for users to interact in they aim to be the most trusted platform for brands entering the metaverse. With the introduction of many new platforms, SandStorm aims to create a more inclusive and safe platform for beginners. It will also have a one-on-one experience for every user and a more significant amount of interactivity than what they have experienced on other platforms.

The detachment that businesses face can be solved once the tech gap is filled. This can be achieved through platform such as SandStorm. Tapping into the virtual world market is an excellent strategy for businesses in 2022. The main challenge the entire industry faces is finding a trusted resource to connect builders and businesses. SandStorm and its beta platform will facilitate this connection through their NFT marketplace.

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