San Diablo Artisan Churros Set Up Magical Taste Testing Event at Churro-Classic Spot, Disneyland

Scott Porter, the creator of San Diablo Artisan Churro – and also known as The Churro Guy, took Disneyland by storm this fall with a delicious taste testing event for the award-winning churros. San Diablo Artisan Churro served deliciously filled churros to a crowd of over 200 Disney attendees, including travel and Disney influencers, who pulled up to the event with the latest in fall-style Mickey ears.

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The San Diablo Artisan Churro pop-up event took place at Disneyland classic, Howard Johnson Hotel. Porter’s close relationship with the team at Howard Johnson as well as with the team at Get Away Today — who specialize in vacation packages for families at Disneyland — made this an event of a lifetime. Due to the collaboration of all churro-lovers, Porter got the opportunity to interact with guests from all over the world, spreading even more churro happiness throughout the premises of the happiest place on earth. Guests thought the highlight of their day would be their meet-and-greet with Mickey, only for the mouse to be upstaged with San Diablo’s sweet delights.

VIP guests got to enjoy free churros while trying out San Diablo’s at-home churro-making station. The at-home churro-making station blew the ball out of the park while featuring San Diablo’s start product: the Fiesta In A Box kit. This incredibly easy to use kit will give any household delicious, chocolate and dulce de leche filled churros within minutes! The Churro Fiesta In A Box kit is valued at $60 and it was available for purchase on site. The kit was also shipped for guests to avoid overstuffing luggages—an extra sweet treat for the future-churro-makers! For those of us unable to join the iconic pop-up, the Fiesta In A Box kit along with other San Diablo’s products are available on the company’s website and on Amazon, making it accessible for all to bring the joy of Disneyland home.

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Influencers who attended the San Diablo Artisan Churro event included, Crysten from @magicbycrysten, Rita from @enchantedrita, Kel from @theme_park_mommy, and Jess from @theramblingintrovert. The event brought in countless posts and even more stories—making thousands of followers green with envy. But there’s no need to stay that color, the magic of San Diablo Churros is that everyone can have them in their own homes, giving churro-lovers endless desserts and life-long memories.

Porter’s mission is to bring back the domestic heaven of family baking. With products like The Churro Maker and the Fiesta In A Box, families can easily make the treats themselves with incredibly simple ingredients and instructions. In an effort to spread the churro-joy to every single household, Porter designed vegan and gluten-free churro recipes as well. All the recipes and instructions also come in English and Spanish to enjoy! ¡Que vivan los churros!

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“We had a blast providing fresh filled churros samples to the guests and influencers at the Howard Johnson in Anaheim! And we loved introducing them to our at-home churro making kit so they can keep the magic alive and make churro memories at home!”

Disneyland got an extra spark of magic with the San Diablo Artisan Churro pop-up, and countless lucky guests got to take that magic home with them. Little by little, Porter’s dream to spread the churro magic is coming true, filling hearts and bellies with joy and wonder.

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