Sahara Protocol: Bringing Blockchain to LA

Meet the entrepreneurs bringing blockchain to LA through their privacy protocol ecosystem and platform.

Blockchain technology represents the safest way to interact with an online currency. Using multiple computing systems connected through a network, DeFi-ecosystem creators Sahara Protocol can connect your business to the real and virtual worlds, all with total privacy. Blockchains’ security is earning it.

The Beauty of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is impenetrable so far. Hackers simply can’t get into the system since security points are in place. Even if you broke into one computer, you wouldn’t have access to the rest of the machines on the network. That lack of access means that you can safely store large amounts of encrypted data across multiple computers, making your information as safe as possible online. This method of working makes blockchain suitable for the creation, management of, and storage of cryptocurrency.

Who is Sahara Protocol?

Sahara Protocol is an innovative new firm bringing its ergonomic and fully private operating platform to LA. They are the first team to have created such software. They are driving change in how we see and use blockchain technology because they are moving it away from focusing on cryptocurrency and expanding it for use with other online products. They are facilitating a space where you can perform trading online at a safe distance, even if your assets are volatile. This safety net allows a sanctuary for high-risk traders to safely market products.

The Sahara Network allows users to explore and utilize a fully functional online platform. This highly secure space has all the perks of blockchain operation. This means it retains the cross-computer security aspects and is challenging to break into. They facilitate the trade between volatile and safer assets, allowing users to achieve marketing stability in areas that might otherwise prove fruitless.

The Sahara Network

The project has received global attention as it takes flight. The team managed to raise $2 million in the pre-MVP launch. They allow for the trade of stable and volatile synthetic assets. They offer true privacy to their clients, which can operate across multiple chains. Until the MVP launch, the team and project are 100% self-funded, so they have some big names in investment coming in at entry-level before the MVP rounds.

With intense interest and a product representing a proper niche in business, the Sahara Protocol network is set up for success. The tech, developed by SUPER HOW, is some of the most bespoke technology available in the current market. It’s super-modern, it solves business problems with security, and it helps us all avoid data breaches. Data breaches cost millions in reputation and business failure every year. The most recent reports say that a single data breach costs over $4 million, a rise from the previous $3 million. This is a technology that could spare your company that kind of impact. Are you ready to get in on the game?

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