Sabrina Stocker Announces Launch of 15 Love, A Series of Tennis-Related NFTs

Sports and NFTs aren’t typically a pairing thought to go hand-in-hand. The majority of mainstream audiences perceive tokens to be aesthetic-only purchases with little relevance to moments of sporting glory. And, yet, sports leaders have been some of the most prominent figures to announce adoption of blockchain technology. As appetite for tokens grows, independent enthusiasts are too looking to bridge the NFT and sports worlds.

Sabrina Stocker, The BBC Apprentice finalist and serial entrepreneur, is one such example. She got involved with the dramatic growth of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and blockchain frenzy through the highly successful Metaverse Media company, which develops public relations strategies for Web3 projects. Sabrina has now turned her attention to her first love, tennis, in the announcement of 15 Love.

The NFT project and launch pad is set for launch during Wimbledon 2022. Sabrina, a 15 Love co-founder, began as a player but turned her attention to growing a tennis events company. She has more recently focussed her energies on the world of blockchain and NFTs, developing her blockchain PR agency MetaverseMedia.

With an international team of experts in Web3, marketing, and tennis under her sleeve, Sabrina is well set up to break the mold by bringing NFTs and her favorite sport together. Her brother and co-founder, Kyle Stocker, is a professional tennis player and NFT enthusiast who has taken a back seat from the game to help with the project’s success.

NFTs have outperformed stocks and other investments over recent years as the world becomes more digital and decentralized. As a result, the NFT market is valued at $100 billion and is rapidly growing.

These digital assets started with Artwork, but recently there has been a surge in sports-related NFTs. In tennis, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, and Stan Wawrinka have joined the NFT involvement bandwagon. At Wimbledon last year, Andy Murray’s NFT was auctioned for $177,000. With Sabrina’s media team behind the project, it seems likely that 15 Love could achieve similar heights of financial success.

Sabrina’s NFT project and launch pad is going one step further. Instead of aiming for short-term goals, 15 Love is about creating the home of tennis in Web3, focusing on bringing tennis fans closer to tour than ever before with its focus on long-term utility.

“Wimbledon is an iconic event during which to kick off this project,” Sabrina commented. “It has a legendary history; I have fond memories of my brother Kyle playing at the venue. I also did a day helping Tim Henman and others for a junior event a few years ago.”

“I want 15 Love NFT investors to be a part of the transformational evolution of the world of tennis,” she continued. Using Web3 technology to build a community of tennis fans and special events, NFT holders will also be a part of this history. They will be among the first to own a series of tokens that enable them to form a tennis-related metaverse community.”

Sabrina, at 26, has already been named a Top 10 Female Entrepreneur according to Apple News and featured in Forbes. She is keen for tennis fans to embrace the value of NFTs, bringing them onside with beautifully crafted 3D tennis rackets that have a range of utilities (perks) attached, including, metaverse events and Q&A interactive sessions featuring 15 Love tennis ambassadors, and chances to win unique tennis prizes and promotions.

Investors will also receive a unique digital tennis racquet with different rarities and utilities, priority access to all of our upcoming Web3 projects and real-life events, and the option to resell their NFT on OpenSea.

15 Love will be launching around Wimbledon, so if blockchain enthusiasts want a punt to add to their portfolio or would like a part of this slice of tennis history as it enters the metaverse, this opportunity seems worthy of their attention. As we watch the battles on those sacred lawns, we can look forward to immersing ourselves in this intriguing game.

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