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The idea of money and how it works has always been a mystery to many, especially how money is taught. The path to financial prosperity, as we have been designed to believe, is: go to school, get a degree, get a high-paying job and move up the corporate ladder. 

The formula, many have told us, is the surest way to financial prosperity. And by far the safest path.

But as we have seen, this formula is designed to keep you trapped in the financial rat race.

Sabrina Saggu, a digital entrepreneur and change maker, believes that the ‘true’ formula for financial freedom is the one we were never taught in schools, in our homes, and one the powers that be will rather we not know. 

Sabrina Saggu had started on the ‘regular’ path just like many people, but into her second year in college, Sabrina didn’t feel like her life was heading in the right direction. she felt lost. And being the type of person always to do the ‘crazy’ thing, Sabrina dropped out of college. 

She worked different jobs, from bartenders to sales reps. It was during her time as a bartender that she fell in love with hospitality and resort. She felt connected with helping people and helping them. Plus, she loved traveling and exploring new places; she decided it was best she pursued her passion. 

Sabrina Saggu enrolled in the NIAGARA COLLEGE OF HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT. Sabrina says she was doing well and was pretty much enjoying her stay in school until the unimaginable happened. Her father died. 

Her father, Sabrina has said many times, was her biggest motivation. He was like a mentor to her: her work ethic, Sabrina credits to her father. 

When he died, the emotional and financial burden was too heavy for her and her mother, alongside her twin brothers, to bear. Sabrina dropped out of Niagara College of Hotel and Restaurant Management in her final year. 

But Sabrina didn’t allow that to stop her. She still held on to her dreams of traveling worldwide, trying out native cuisines, and helping people. 

Sabrina got a job as a front desk officer with a top hotel in Canada, the hotel and hospitality giant. But after a few days, Sabrina was dissatisfied with her work and the bleak future it held for her. 

When she resigned after only 45 days of working, people looked at her as crazy and weird. 

But Sabrina had found the secret to financial success and total freedom. 

Sabrina Saggu says that many people are still hooked on the idea that they’ll get more money when they work hard. That is a big lie, the London-born entrepreneur says. 

The surest way to be financially free and successful is to know how to make money work for you. Sabrina echoed the thoughts of Robert Kiyosaki when he said, “the poor work for money, while the rich make money work for them.”

Sabrina Saggu isn’t against hard work, one virtue she believes is slowly eroding from the world. However, she doesn’t believe exchanging your time for money is the solution to poverty and financial want. Making money work for you, having multiple streams of passive income, is how one becomes financially free. 

Since she left her job in March 2020, Sabrina has helped over three hundred families create multiple streams of income, and her goal is to help thousands more this year. 

To follow Sabrina Saggu’s journey and get first-hand info, check her pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Website today!

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