S.G. Blaise, a Prolific Indie Author, Has Created Multiple Worlds For Herself and Her Readers

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With the publication of her most recent book, Meddling Mages, S.G. Blaise has written four well-received novels. All of them are fascinating installments for her fantasy series, The Last Lumenian, which shows no signs of slowing down.

The Writing Process
As Blaise asserts, writing a multi-book series is a multi-layered process. The author spends anywhere from three to four months on developing each story. Before writing the book, she will dedicate a few more weeks to perfecting the scenes. Typically, it takes 20-30 days to finish the first draft of the manuscript. Then she sends it to her editor.

While waiting for the edited version to return, she spends weeks immersing herself in the process of worldbuilding. This is also the point where she and her cover designer kick off the ebook cover composition. Among other tasks, she and her map illustrator engage in developing a map for the book and website.

Where the Ideas Come From

The concept for The Last Lumenian first came to her while on a road trip across Europe in 2012. When she woke up in Austria feeling the effects of jet lag, she had an incredible idea that she knew instinctively would be enough material for multiple books. She jotted it down, using only the light from her phone. The process of turning that idea into a published book spanned over seven years. Even after four novels, there are still nearly forty ideas that she is eager to work on.

What She Does When Off the Clock
When not writing, S.G. Blaise relishes diving into the captivating worlds crafted by authors like Brandon Sanderson, Ilona Andrews, and Patricia Briggs. She also enjoys reading nonfiction books such as Barking up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker, along with other works in pop-psychology.

Secondary hobbies include listening to music, playing app games, and indulging in TV shows such as Silo and Star Trek Discovery (to name a few). She also likes watching movies, a recent example being Dune Part II. Playing with her two little dogs is a great way to recharge, and she finds weightlifting after a long writing session helpful, too.

To learn more about S.G. Blaise and her work, visit her website at https://sgblaise.com/ , on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sgblaiseofficial/ and X: https://mobile.twitter.com/sgblaiseauthor

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