Ryan O’Rourke Reshapes Trillion-Dollar Sports Betting Industry With His Winning Formula

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Sports betting has grown into a trillion-dollar industry, with bettors maximizing the liberty of using it as a source of entertainment or income or both. But while many would say winning in sports betting is entirely based on luck, Ryan O’Rourke says otherwise. With his vast experience in statistics and athletics, he founded TheSportsBettingFirm to help average bettors use sports betting as a steady source of income.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, Ryan is a former Division 1 collegiate athlete at Arizona State University. Having been in the sports betting industry for over a decade, Ryan has followed his passion while accumulating the skills and knowledge most sports consultants do not have. Ryan played sports at high levers, allowing him to see minute nuances that others would easily miss. Furthermore, his quantitative acumen led him to develop a system that guarantees a win rate of over 60%, a game-changing discovery for the entire sports betting industry.

“That’s when I knew I had something. I developed a system with my statistics background, and after two to three months of hitting a high percentage of picks, I realized this is not luck,” Ryan shared. “Strategic sports betting is not gambling,” he added, emphasizing that gamblers are prone to losing, but he is not. With his winning formula, Ryan was able to crack the code that drives the game, giving him a competitive advantage for any game he chooses.

Asked how he got into the sports betting scene, Ryan shared that the spark came after watching the movie Two for the Money, starring Al Pacino, Mathew McConaughey, Renne Russo, and many other big names in the entertainment industry. After getting hooked on the film’s storyline, Ryan took his curiosity to heart and researched everything he wanted to know about sports betting. Seeing how one of the main characters, Brandan Lang, played by Matthew McConaughey, had an eye for picking winners, Ryan was inspired to take the concept to the real world, and it was then that he found his gift and purpose.

“I want to help people profit from sports, which is not only exciting but fun. But just like any investment, I tell my clients that it’s no different than the stock market or a 401k. Whether you have a $500 bankroll or a $500,000 bankroll to start up with, you have to be able to let the ups and down of the season take place,” Ryan explained. “But with my system, it’s been proven to be around 59% to 66% on the win rate,” he exclaimed further.

Aside from his unrivaled expertise, what makes the authority stand out is his unique viewpoints and revolutionary perspective. He has likened his industry to the highly coveted and respected stock market, as both enterprises share several similarities. First, the discerning man determined that the stock market has brokers while sports betting has vigs. Both have a pay-to-play mechanism wherein these professionals take a cut or percentage depending on the complexity and nature of the service they provide.

At their core, both undertakings reward players for successfully predicting the future. However, many are still wary of sports betting because of its negative reputation that stems from old and unsafe practices like handing over an envelope of cash to a shady character in a back alley.

Cognizant of this, the visionary has made it part of his mission to destigmatize the sports betting practice and educate prospective participants that the entire process of modern sports betting is done digitally, making it simple, high-tech, legitimate, and, most importantly, secure. As he excellently pointed out, “Sports betting generates billions in real, clean wealth for both employees of sportsbooks and millions of bettors around the globe. Sounds a lot like the stock market, doesn’t it?”

Backed by his reliable numbers, Ryan shared that the success rate could reach over 90% in some seasons. Together with his team, he is also developing the solution further to bring consistent returns at 8% to 15% ROI per month compounded over a six months season, generating ten times bigger returns than any 401k.

“Remember, if I am an investment banker and you give me $1,000 or $100,000, I’m going to spread that money over ten different companies that I have done research on and been following. The goal is that four to six of the companies bring a 10% to 12% return, with the other company bringing four to six percent, but at the end of the year, an ROI of four to six percent, which is a win,” Ryan said.

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